Proplend Review

Proplend’s Tranche A, 0-50% LTV Lending Against Property Mostly Receiving Rent received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. These loans have been paying interest after bad debts. Visit Proplend* or keep reading the Proplend Review.

HNW Lending Review

HNW Lending’s Property & Asset Lending Averaging 55% Average LTV received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. This manual lending account is paying around interest after losses from bad debts. Its auto-lend account pays 7% with additional borrower interest covering rare losses. Visit HNW Lending*…

Assetz Exchange Review

Assetz Exchange’s P2P Lending Account And IFISA And Classic Account has earned an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. These loans have been paying lenders around of the loan amount in interest, after bad debts. Visit Assetz Exchange* or keep reading the Assetz Exchange Review.

CrowdProperty Review

CrowdProperty’s Bridging & Development loans received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. This account has recently been paying lenders interest after bad debts. Visit CrowdProperty or keep reading the CrowdProperty Review.

Loanpad Review

Loanpad’s Premium Account/Premium IFISA received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. This account has been paying interest after zero bad debts. Visit Loanpad* or keep reading the Loanpad Review.

CapitalRise Review

CapitalRise’s Bridging & Development Loans have earned the Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. These loans have been paying lenders around  interest after bad debts. Visit CapitalRise* or keep reading the CapitalRise Review.

Downing Crowd Review

Downing Crowd’s Senior Property & Renewable Energy Lending is unrated, due to lack of information. These loans have been paying lenders around interest before bad debts. Visit Downing Crowd or keep reading the Downing Crowd Review.  

Invest & Fund Review

Invest & Fund Lending Account received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. This account has been paying in the regular P2P lending account after fees. It pays in the IFISA, due to slightly higher fees. Visit Invest & Fund* or keep reading the Invest &…

24 Peer-To-Peer Property Lending Websites

You have dozens of choices when it comes to peer-to-peer property lending. As far as we know, we’re listing every single one of your choices on this page that we call “P2P”. A small number of P2P property lending websites offer lending that is usually…

Blend Review

Blend’s Development And Property-Secured Business Loans are unrated, due to lack of information. These loans have been paying lenders around . Visit Blend or keep reading the Blend Review.

Is Somo Truly P2P Lending?

Peer-to-peer lending is not a regulated phrase. By 4thWay’s definition, any online lending company is peer-to-peer if it structures itself and its loans to offer the same level of protection as direct lending, in order to protect lenders in the event that the lending company…

CapitalStackers Review

CapitalStackers’ Property Lending Account/IFISA currently has two alt ratings of secured and hidden gem, as we have no doubt it will receive the top 4thWay PLUS Rating soon, when its history is sufficient. These loans have been paying lenders an average interest after bad debts. Visit…

House Prices Aren’t Impacting P2P Lending

Falls in house prices in seven of the past 10 months (according to both Halifax and Nationwide) have not perceptibly impacted overall annualised lending results at P2P lending platforms. While price changes can have delayed effects, the future also looks very healthy for lenders using…

The P2P Lending Accounts Offering Powerful Extra Protections

The main ways that peer-to-peer lending providers protect you from losses are really important. They involve assessing the borrowers properly and setting interest rates appropriately. For property lending, it also means assessing the property put up as security correctly. On top of that, you as…

The 5 Most Property Crash-Resistant P2P Lending Accounts

Nationwide says we’ve just had four months in a row of falling property prices. To some people, that means there are more falls to come. My colleague has expressed his views on that in a separate piece. But some peer-to-peer lending accounts seem almost deliberately…

The Inaccuracy Of Property Price Forecasts

Last month, Halifax forecast 8% falls in property prices to come in 2023, taking prices back to April 2021 levels. Nationwide also logged a fourth month in a row of price falls in December. Let me put this bluntly: all of that is of no…

2 P2P Lending Accounts Improve Their 4thWay Risk Scores

We’ve slightly upgraded our 4thWay PLUS Ratings methodology over the past five weeks and reassessed the lending accounts that provide us with the data and access to apply our calculations. This upgrade impacts property P2P lending accounts, making it a little bit tougher to get…

Assetz Capital Review

Assetz Capital’s 90-Day Access Account continues to earn an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. After bad debts, which are usually paid for by a reserve fund, Assetz Capital is targeting for lenders. Visit Assetz Capital or keep reading the Assetz Capital Review.

Assetz Capital Is Back!

Assetz Capital announced in July that the long-lasting lending queue to put new money in its automated accounts finally started to shrink. More recently it has announced that all the money that had been waiting has now been put to work. Lending flows released due…

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