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P2P lending has consistently earned lenders with sensible strategies a massively inflation beating return, since it came about in 2005. It has done so much more stably than the stock market, which has seen every third year being a loss year for share investors, after investing costs, compared to no down years for P2P lending!

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Why The Best Time To Lend Is Now

Borrowers were hit hard over 2022 and 2023. Property prices were unclear and somewhat rocky. And those who were borrowing to complete property developments have been suffering a shortage of workers. The worst for borrowers though was rocketing inflation. That didn't just push up interest...


AxiaFunder To Cover £500,000 In Losses

People who invest through AxiaFunder's online platform are funding claimants' legal cases. Investors typically take huge profits when these claims are won – sometimes even projected to earn 2-3 times the amount invested – albeit with substantial downside risk when cases are lost. Most cases...



FOLK2FOLK's Property-Backed Business Lending Account/IFISA unrated, due to lack of information. This account has been paying in the region of interest after zero losses to lenders. Visit FOLK2FOLK or keep reading the FOLK2FOLK Review.


Review of the month

Kuflink has been highly profitable and so have its loans for lenders. With just 0.5% total bad debt in eight years, all paid for by Kuflink, and annual lending rates currently in double digits, with wide automatic diversification, this is a P2P lending provider to take a look at.


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