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P2P lending has consistently earned lenders with sensible strategies a massively inflation beating return, since it came about in 2005. It has done so much more stably than the stock market, which has seen every third year being a loss year for share investors, after investing costs, compared to no down years for P2P lending!

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25 Peer-To-Peer Property Lending Websites

You have dozens of choices when it comes to peer-to-peer property lending. As far as we know, we're listing every single one of your choices on this page that we at 4thWay consider to be P2P lending. The majority of P2P property lending websites offer...


Lande Making Critical Improvements To Its Farm Lending, Property Lending Going Strong

Lande* was the first P2P lending company in either the eurozone or continental Europe to be fully assessed by 4thWay – initially in 2022. What does Lande do? Lande's borrowers are Latvian, Lithuanian and Romanian businesses – mostly farmers – with the loans secured either...


When FSCS And FOS Protection Doesn’t Work When You Think It Will

Some lenders choose to lend through a type of pension called a self-invested personal pension, or SIPP. These are many and varied, but they often give investors an expanded choice of what they can invest in, albeit for a high price. SIPPs have historically suffered...


Review of the month

The now profitable Proplend has paid out £23 million in interest with just £40,000 in losses. And none of its outstanding rental-property loans are bad debts. 4thWay's just completed thorough reassessment of this remarkable investment opportunity.


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