You can read testimonials about 4thWay that we have received from both readers and the industry just below, and, further down the page, many of 4thWay's national press appearances.

Testimonials about 4thWay

“very comprehensive and excellent”

Susan Mahy, 4thWay® subscriber

“Really useful information, thank you.”

Alison Foreman through facebook

 “Just thought I'd drop you guys a message – love your site and the advice you give.”

Pete Harper, 4thWay® subscriber

“Firstly can I say what a great job I think you are doing with your website service I’ve found it an invaluable guide through the plethora of P2P platforms out there. Please Please keep it up. Your independence of appraisal is priceless NEVER underestimate its value as it’s the main reason I appreciate your service so highly. I’d pay for it if that becomes the only way you could survive.

“I’m gushing , must stop, anyhow …”

Dan Coehlo, 4thWay® subscriber

“I like your site”

Jim Walls, 4thWay® subscriber

“Very useful…Keep up the good work!”

Tony Staw, 4thWay® subscriber

“Good start for P2P newcomers.”

P2P Independent Forum user

“I use your company's website, which I find very comprehensive and well built, to review p2p companies before deciding on lending any major amount.”

P2P Independent Forum user

“heres a good site that compares p2p.”

Moneysavingexpert Review

“Before you make a date, do some background checks. How to assess your peer-to-peer platform, featuring @P2P4thWay”

Marc Shoffman, The Times

“I love the website.”

Paul Crayston, MarketInvoice

“Good for a breakdown on how each platform operates and their perceived risk.”

Moneysavingexpert Review

“Just a quick email to say that I liked your website: easy to use, interesting, informative and well researched. More as if designed by human beings than most comparison websites.”

Bernard Fogarty, 4thWay® subscriber

“I do think the Panel of Peers is a good idea.”

P2P Independent Forum user

“As a smallish private investor who approves of the P2P model your website is really useful.”

Graham Spittle, 4thWay® subscriber

“The loans feed is brilliant and very convenient.”

Scott, 4thWay® subscriber

“Congratulations on the success of 4thWay.”

Louis Alexander, Director, SoMo

“Good luck with your venture…your website looks quite impressive.”

P2P Independent Forum user

“Success with your website. It's a useful resource.”

P2P Independent Forum user

“I’m impressed by 4thWay's product.”

Rhydian Lewis, CEO, RateSetter

“I like the site, there’s a lot of comparison engines out there for borrowers, but the lending side of the equation is grossly underserviced.”

Adam Knotts, rebuildingsociety.com

“A great resource for those looking to learn more about the peer to peer lending market.”

Michéal Breslin, lendingcrowd

“There’s huge value to what your site provides”

Filip Karadaghi, founder, LandlordInvest

“I'm quite an avid reader of 4th way.”

Alexander Cardona, MarketInvoice

“Thanks for the useful website.”

Kevin Digweed, 4thWay® subscriber

“Really like the website, thanks for all you do to inform investors.”

Laurence Samuels, 4thWay® subscriber

“Down to Earth.”

Melwin Mehta, fund manager

“i do appreciate the work of 4th Way!”

Paul Newman, former fund manager and hedge fund manager

“Very good work”

Rito Haldar, founder, Unbolted

4thWay “pulls no punches, so expect candid reporting and trustworthy results”

SIPPclub Review

“4thWay have a good opportunity to set a benchmarking standard for the performance analysis of p2p lending industry.”

Daniel Rajkumar, CEO, rebuildingsociety.com

“Excellent website. Thanks for a genuinely insightful service.”

Simon Warner, 4thWay® subscriber

“Your website is very informative…I like what you guys do.”

Scott, 4thWay® subscriber

“Looks as though you're doing a great job for us alternative investors.”

Margaret Nicholls, 4thWay® subscriber

“A real expert in this area”

Ed Bowsher, Senior Analyst at Share Radio

“I really like your website: really looks great.”

Frederic Waldteufel, 4thWay® subscriber

“The site is very helpful and I get the impression it’s the best at comparing P2P businesses.”

Ian Tait, 4thWay® subscriber

“very helpful comparison”

Alan Wilkinson, 4thWay® subscriber

“This is working well for me, thanks.”

Steve Hayes, 4thWay® subscriber

“PS Great website, I find it very useful”

Josh Richardson, 4thWay® subscriber

“After finding your website in the summer I diversified some of my savings into a few of the P2P companies shown on your comparison table (very helpful!)”

Norman Pugsley, 4thWay® subscriber

“I really enjoy reading what you have to say/write on P2P. Keep up the good work”

Jon Wicks, 4thWay® subscriber

“I am really impressed with 4th Way. I find it extremely useful and am, indeed, an avid reader of your newsletters”

Anon, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I have used your website a lot over the past few years. It has helped me choose which P2P companies to invest with, and when to withdraw funds”

Richard Bradshaw, 4thWay® subscriber

“I just came across your website, it looks very informative.”

Lisa Hatton, 4thWay® subscriber

“Thank you for the continuing rich content, all my P2P lending is geared from your site.”

William Banham, 4thWay® subscriber

“I have been impressed with 4th way p2p analysis. Thank you for your very informative w/site”

David Korson, 4thWay® subscriber

“I think your website is very helpful. Well done.”

S Smith, 4thWay® subscriber

“Keep up the good work!”

Martin Dell, 4thWay® subscriber

“Still very much value the insight that you guys provide.”

Scott, 4thWay® subscriber

“I have found your website and candid articles very useful in expanding my P2P portfolio…Thanks again for your articles and analysis, much appreciated.”

John Bennett, 4thWay® subscriber

“I must just say how much I've appreciated your website as I've gone about educating myself in the area of investing over the past few months.”

Greg Owens, 4thWay® subscriber

“Great job that you do.”

Ivan Goh, 4thWay® subscriber

“As someone who benefits from your in depth analysis…thanks for an excellent site.”

Mark Aldrich, 4thWay® subscriber

“I find your website and email updates really helpful so keep up the good work – it's appreciated!”

Dave Stokes, 4thWay® subscriber

“Your site contains very useful information. Thank you!”

Slav Paleolog, 4thWay® subscriber

“I love the website and find the information invaluable for investing in P2P companies.”

Victor Ellis, 4thWay® subscriber

“I enjoy accessing your comparison website: it is very informative.”

Rob West, 4thWay® subscriber

“I’d just like to compliment you on your excellent website as it’s been a helpful resource for me as I’m sure many others before me, on starting with P2P investments.”

David Bradshaw, 4thWay® subscriber

“Thank you for a very informative website.”

Jane Carter, 4thWay® subscriber

“Keep up the good work.”

Ken Hogg, 4thWay® subscriber

“I find your site very helpful.”

Alan John, 4thWay® subscriber

“It’s a great site yours. I appreciate your work.”

Nigel Cooper, 4thWay® subscriber

“I like your website and the sound advice you offer”

Neil Ford,  4thWay® subscriber

“I do, indeed, value the opinions of 4thWay and have always found your team very helpful.”

Susan Mahy, 4thWay® subscriber

“I find their analyses very useful in assessing the risk/return/ of different platforms and how they operate.”

Jane Carter, 4thWay® subscriber

“Very useful independent view without the emotional claptrap often written on public forums.”

Graham Spittle, 4thWay® subscriber

“It is very useful to have an impartial website to help sort through the various peer-to-peer websites.”

Tony Staw, 4thWay® subscriber

“Very helpful thanks…I found 4thWay to be an indispensable introduction and source of expert review for the budding p2p investor, thanks for all your work.”

Alan Wilkinson, 4thWay® subscriber

“This website has been extremely helpful in giving unbiased and clear advice on this new and growing marketplace. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!”

David Cockerton, 4thWay® subscriber

“As always finding the website very useful.”

Mark Aldrich, 4thWay® subscriber

“Thanks goes to you and your team, for providing a one stop source of knowledge on
P2p Lending and IFISAs”

Anon, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I have a lot of respect for your huge job on 4thway, I believe people get real help from your content and tables.”

Salvatore Cocurullo, Revenue Land

“Thank you and congratulations on the 4thway site. Having dipped my toe in the peer-to-peer market in the last 6 months I have only just found 4thway. The information on the site is fantastic and it is a great resource.”

Adrian Steele, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Thanks for your excellent website”

Simon Butler, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Thanks for your very informative site.”

Marcia Hughes, a 4thWay® subscriber

“We really appreciate the thoroughness of your review and care you take around getting great insights into a platform.”

Mike Bristow, CEO, CrowdProperty

“Thanks for 4th Way's website and your articles. I always find them very useful.”

William, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I've used the 4thWay extensively when selecting platforms to invest in.”

Alan Stratford, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Best-researched independent analyses of investing with RateSetter we have seen.”

John Battersby, RateSetter

“Valuable analyses.”

Alan John, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Well done on the good work.

Stephen MacPhee, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Thank you for your excellent update on P2P and IFISAs. Please keep up the good work! I have read your analyses over the past few years and found it very helpful in deciding which companies to loan through.”

Norman Pugsley, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I really enjoy the content on your website and have found it very helpful.”

Esteban Almada, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I find your articles informative & interesting.  Keep up the good work!”

Ifor, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I could not agree more with you about 4thWay. Since I came across them all my P2P investments have been heavily influenced by their analyses. I am not aware of any other commentator in this area that is not merely a reproducer of press releases. It has to be said that I am still in the process of unwinding my positions (some, painfully) in P2P platforms I strayed onto before I came across 4thWay.”

Judith John, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Great P2P review site. I'm looking forward to a review on EasyMoney.

Anon, a 4thWay® reader

“4th Way is invaluable when choosing a peer to peer platform to invest in, and without its extensive research, advice and platform ratings I'm sure many of us would be risking more than was advisable.”

John Nicholas, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I appreciate the service you provide, and all for free in more normal times! Many thanks.”

Michael Kneen, a 4thWay® subscriber

“4th way is invaluable for P2P investors”

Judy Cale, a 4thWay® subscriber

“As an onlooking novice I keep myself posted and try to benefit from the analyses, practical sense and good overall grounding of advice that you provide. All with a view to possible future investing in this area – so, many thanks!!”

Anon, a 4thWay® reader

“In closing, might I also thank you and the 4th Way team for also consistently providing such excellent P-P advice?”

Colin Harlow, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Great informative P2P website, look forward to reading the newsletter from you.”

Richard McDougall, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Insightful: if you are considering p2p lending, this sight gives detailed and honest assessments of expected performance by different companies. Whilst not a comprehensive list, it is a useful resource.”

5/5 Google Review from Ambrose Wilkie

“The most useful site I've found for assessing the different p2p offerings.”

Anon, a 4thWay® reader

“i'am very grateful for your diligence.”

Patrick Docherty, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Thanks for the fantastic reviews.”

Keith Biner, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I'm a regular reader of your site, have gleaned many a good suggestion from it and very much benefit from your opinionated views of the various P2P companies.”

Bodo Hornberger, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I think I have now read every word on your site. I’m glad I found you.”

Paul Fisher, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I really respect what you are doing at 4th Way. You are the best resource for P2P available. I am sure there are many people out there that like me quietly appreciate your work. I would like then to say a big thank-you to you and your team.”

Mark Walters, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Thanks for latest update with some useful info. Site is easy to navigate and particularly enjoy the writing style in your contributions.”

Brian Foreman, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Thanks for the new website and all the information/ research undertaken. Much appreciated and very helpful/informative.”

David Newton, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Very useful.”

Chris Rush, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Thank you for another informative newsletter. I am a great fan of your investment philosophy. With some of the big P2P lenders leaving the market, it is great to have your well researcher updates. Thanks for all you do.”

Nick Travers, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Your approach and the quality of the analysis is astonishing.”

Nikita Goncars, CEO, Lande

“Thank you for your great work and informative articles.”

Paul Stavrakis, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Firstly, thanks for this informative, thoughtful and well researched site. Very helpful in a sea of get rich quick opportunities.”

Andrew Jackson, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Thanks to you and your colleagues for your website, and for the body of work that it reflects.”

Anon, a 4thWay® subscriber

“I have been reading 4thway for years because it is the best resource for P2P investors in the UK.

I am a big P2P investor so look out for the new articles heralded every month in their newsletter.

If I had listened to one of their warnings it would have saved me a considerable sum. Everything 4thway reports is very useful.

I would like to thank Neil Faulkner & his team for all the work they put into helping UK P2P investors.

I would also like to thank Neil personally for stopping work to carefully answer a P2P question from me in full detail. He didn't have to do that. There was no benefit for him. But it was very helpful indeed for me as I was stuck on something. That is the mark of a good person.

Keep up the great work! I am sure there are many others like me that are quietly very grateful.”

Mark Walters, a 4thWay® subscriber (who also posted a similar Google Review)

“Just wanted to say that I think your service is incredible (especially given it's free!) I always look forward to your email updates and am consistently impressed by the variety and depth of your research. Keep up the great work.”

Christopher Lawes, a 4thWay® subscriber

“Your team's efforts are certainly appreciated.”

Lisa Llewellyn, a 4thWay® subscriber

4thWay in the national press

4thWay's Neil Faulkner is frequently called upon by the media for TV, radio or newspaper commentary. Here are some of his appearances:

Crowdfund Insider: 4thWay Report Investors In A Diversified Basket Of Peer-To-Peer IFISAs Made Solid Returns.

P2P Finance News: P2P Outperformed UK Stock Market During The Pandemic.

Daily Telegraph: Peer-To-Peer Lockdown: Investors Fear Cash Will Be Trapped For Years.

Welp Magazine: Startup Showcase: Top Lending Companies and Startups in the UK.

Daily Telegraph: End Of The Party For Peer-To-Peer As Loans Turn Sour And Investors Withdraw Millions.

P2P Finance News: P2P industry predicted to grow in strength if investors are patient.

Morningstar: Innovative Finance ISAs Explained.

Crowdfund Insider: UK-based RateSetter, a Peer to Peer Lender, Says it’s Still Lending, but at a “Much-Reduced Level” Following COVID-19 Outbreak.

Moneywise (Interactive Investor): What next for peer-to-peer? We investigate the coronavirus impact on P2P lenders and borrowers.

Business Money: Peer-to-peer lending and Covid-19.

Daily Telegraph: Peer-to-peer investors in race to withdraw cash as default fears grow.

Investors Chronicle: Should You Trust The Peer-To-Peer Property Market?

Reuters: Britain's Crowdfunding Firms Face Darwinian New Rules.

Daily Mail: Britain's Crowdfunding Firms Face Darwinian New Rules.

The Telegraph: easyMoney faces overhaul as savers complain ‘we don't know where our cash is invested'.

This Is Money: Is Your Cash Safe As Risky Lenders Face Crackdown?

The Telegraph: As £165m Lendy Collapses, Experts Warn ‘A Dozen More Peer-To-Peer Firms Will Follow'.

Morningstar: Peer-to-Peer Provider Lendy Collapses.

FT Adviser: P2P Investing Not Always ‘High-Risk’.

The Times: Could This Be The End Of The Peer-To-Peer Show? (paper edition only)

The Times: FCA Prepares To Crack Down On P2P Lenders As Interest Rates Fall.

The Telegraph: ‘How Do I Pick A Safe Peer-To-Peer Platform.

The Times: Be Innovative If You Want To Beat The High Street.

Express (paper edition): Why Innovative New ISA Can Be Risky Business.

The Telegraph: Why Investors Are Fleeing The ‘Fear And Greed' Of Stock Markets For Peer-To-Peer Loans.

Morningstar: Investors Look To Peer-To-Peer Lending To Boost Returns.

The Times: Fancy Something Different For Your ISA? Try A Little Innovation.

Daily Telegraph: Fears as Peer-to-Peer Loans Start To Sink.

The Financial Times: Warning over property peer-to-peer defaults.

Daily Express: Get creative to make the most of your savings.

Daily Express: Fortune Favours Brave Savers But Beware Of Risks.

Daily Telegraph: Abundance peer-to-peer investors fear for future of £3.9m green energy project.

The Times: Look To Your Peers If You Want Better Returns.

Daily Telegraph: ‘I Started With £500, Now I Have A Year's Salary In Peer-to-Peer Loans'.

Moneywise: Could You Become An Innovative Finance ISA Millionaire?

Daily Telegraph: Deadline Day: Are Any Of These 40 ‘Peer-to-Peer' Isas Worth Your Cash?

Metro: Early Bird Catches The Worm…ISAs.

Express: ISAs 2018: Innovative Finance Isas Now Offer A Real Alternative For Savers.

The Sunday Times: Isa Guide: Are Peer-to-Peer Loans Smart Investments?

Daily Mirror: New ISA Offers Savers 6% Returns On Their Money – So What's The Catch?

Shares Magazine: Weighing up the risks of P2P lending.

Daily Telegraph: Peer-to-Peer lending: Is It Too Late To Profit?

Daily Telegraph: Peer-to-Peer Savings Warning: Easy Access Accounts At Risk.

Daily Mirror: New ISAs offering 8.7% interest launch this week.

Daily Telegraph: Peer-to-peer savers still denied Isa tax-breaks – nine months after they were promised them.

The Times: Lending to strangers is still a good deal, despite the risks.

Peer-to-Peer Finance News: 2016: P2P's Record Year.

Share Radio: 2017 P2P Outlook.

Peer-to-Peer Finance News: P2P to “explode” in 2017, but some platforms may close.

Crowdfundinsider: 4thWay Predicts UK P2P Lending Market to Grow Up to 50% in Coming Year.

Peer-to-Peer Finance News: 23 firms now approved to offer IFISAs.

Your Money: Peer-to-peer lending could net you 7%: five tips to get started.

Daily Telegraph: Mini-bond firm may not survive, auditor warns.

Peer-to-Peer Finance News: Overcoming inflation.

Moneywise: Getting started in peer-to-peer lending.

Crowdfundinsider: Report: UK P2P Property Lending Delivers Returns from 2.25% to 12.7%.

Moneywise: Maximising the benefits of peer-to-peer lending.

Moneywise: Understanding the risks of peer-to-peer lending.

Moneywise: Five reasons to consider peer-to-peer lending.

The Telegraph: Peer-to-peer Isa to be launched ‘within weeks' after first major platform gets go-ahead.

The Telegraph: Peer-to-peer: how can I get 8pc for the least risk?

The Times: Savings schemes that offer more than your bank.

Share Radio: 4thWay PLUS Ratings.

The Telegraph: Cash, peer-to-peer, shares and bonds: the income portfolio that makes 4pc.

NZ Herald: Diana Clement: Do your homework before you lend.

The Telegraph: Peer-to-peer lenders ‘break advertising rules', regulator warns.

Crowdfundinsider: P2P Lending Research Firm 4th Way Rates UK Platforms.

Share Radio: Pros And Cons Of P2P Lending.

Which? Money Investor: Peer-to-Peer Lending.

The Times: Before you make a date, do some background checks.

Share Radio: Risks and Attractions Of Peer-to-Peer Lending.

Mirror Online: New Ways To Clear Your Debt For Less.

Daily Express: Savers ready to take a risk by ditching cash for stocks and shares.

Daily Mirror: Are You Smarter Than A Banker?

Daily Express: Five Minute Guide To Borrowing Money From Your Peers.

Equities.com: R.A.B.B.I.T. Report: This UK Startup Could be the Morningstar of Marketplace Lending.

Share Radio: Peer-to-Peer Lending And Taxes.

Share Radio: How To Invest £10,000 In Crowdfunding And Peer-to-Peer Lending.

The Telegraph: This Is What Would Happen To Peer-to-Peer Returns In Another Financial Crisis.

Share Radio: “Crowdfunders” programme, episode 6 (Security and bad-debt provision funds).

The Financial Times: P2P Providers Urged To Come Clean On Fees.

NZ Herald: Investors' Love For Lending Company Fading.

Share Radio: “Crowdfunders” programme, episode 1 (P2P Basics).

The Guardian: Where To Open The Door To The Cheapest Personal Loans.

The Independent: P2P Isas: A Chance To Escape From The Zombie Accounts.

Daily Mirror: New ISAs That Pay At Least Three Times The Interest.

The Big Issue: Can Peer-To-Peer Lending Offer Savers A Better Return Than The Banks.

This Is Money: How The Power Of Sharing Could Help You.

The Financial Times: Peer-to-Peer Body To Ban Institutional “Cherry-Picking”.

BBC TV and Website News: Budget 2015: Will tax-free peer-to-peer lending get the go-ahead?


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