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Why do peer-to-peer lending? It offers much greater returns than savings with lower risk than the stock market even when you commit your money for less time.

4thWay provides candid information about all the risks and benefits, so that you can decide for yourself whether it's right for you.

Below we show you five great ways to learn about peer-to-peer lending and P2P IFISAs, so you can earn more money, more safely!

The sections on this page

  1. Read our 10 Core P2P Lending Guide pages.
  2. Compare lending products and IFISAs.
  3. Visit our most popular pages at the moment.
  4. See P2P lending reviews from 4thWay's specialists.
  5. Read our latest research and tips.

Read our 10 Core P2P Lending Guide pages

  1. What is P2P Lending? Or see an image explaining the same in How Peer-to-Peer Lending Works.
  2. Is Peer-to-Peer Lending Safe?
  3. 4thWay's 10 P2P Investing Principles.
  4. The 12 Key Peer-To-Peer Lending Risks. (And two more risks in IFISAs: IFISAs: What Are The Risks?)
  5. 4-Step Strategy to Safe Peer-to-Peer Lending.
  6. 10 Ways To Get Your P2P Lending Money Back!
  7. Peer-to-Peer Lending Vs Other Investments.
  8. How Is Peer-to-Peer Lending Taxed?
  9. The IFISA (P2P ISA) Guide.
  10. How One Lender Is Losing Money – A Lesson In P2P Lending Diversification.

Other popular mini-guides include Can Your Business Lend Through P2P? and How Much to Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending.

If you get stuck for understanding any jargon, we offer you our Peer-to-Peer Lending And IFISA Glossary.

Every single word on this website is 100% original research and opinion from 4thWay, the first P2P ratings agency in the world. We are regularly the victims of plagiarism from bloggers or money websites. These copycats sometimes even copy incorrectly, leading to dangerously incorrect information. So please support us by reading our content! Sign up to our newsletter.

Compare lending products and IFISAs

Compare all P2P lending products, including IFISAs or just compare IFISAs.

See P2P lending reviews from 4thWay's specialists

There is probably no better way anywhere on the Web to quickly learn about each individual P2P lending opportunity than by reading reviews from our specialists.

Read our very popular and educational reviews for each P2P lending site by going to the compare page and then clicking on the reviews that interest you, so that you can see other key information side-by-side, such as their 4thWay PLUS Ratings.

Or you can click on the links here if you just want to read individual reviews in peace:

Read our latest research and tips

The 3 P2P Lending Providers With The Best Financial Health

All else being equal, you have to feel more comfortable when the P2P lending providers you use are also pulling in strong and stable profits.

Read about the three providers with the best financial results.

Lendwise And Blend Reviews Both Updated

After a full reassessment of Lendwise's loans, a 4thWay specialist has updated the Lendwise Review, mostly impacting the section How good are Lendwise's interest rates, bad debts and margin of safety?

We've also taken another look at Blend, which we don't often do as we lack information and data. Even so, the whole Blend Review has been brought significantly up-to-date.

1st Special Deal For HNW Investors Is Done!

It’s already begun: in less than one month, we’ve got our first deal with a major P2P lending platform to boost returns for wealthy investors, who fulfil a vital function to make P2P lending work properly – merely by lending in the same loans as everyone else.

The more the merrier: if you are a high-net-worth investor, read how you can join in with our collective and earn more on the loans you're in.

Proplend Review

After our latest major reassessment of Proplend, its review has seen updates, particularly to the following sections:

  • How good are its loans?
  • Proplend's refinanced loans.
  • How good are Proplend's interest rates and bad debts?
  • Is Proplend profitable?

Read the Proplend Review.

Somo – Massive Update To Our Assessment

Somo is now paying the highest overall rates of any UK-based, rated property lending account that allows you to select individual loans yourself – at around 9%.

Much, much more than that, it's finally gone through our detailed assessment of its loan data, and opened itself up again after many years to rounds of interviews with its key personnel.

We've been waiting for this for a long time, so I'm pleased to present to you our updated Somo research based on countless hours of scrutiny and research.

HNW Investors: Harness Your Power For An Even Better Deal

With money comes both power and responsibility.

We have a lot of wealthy investors in our community who can wield both.

You can get boosted returns above the norm, while performing a vital function that helps P2P lending platforms operate smoothly for borrowers and for all investors.

If you're a high-net worth investor looking to put a lot more money into a platform (or platforms) that you probably already know and love, but want an attractively boosted bang for your buck over the published returns, let's make that happen together.

Here's how we'll boost your returns.

10 Ways To Get Your P2P Lending Money Back – Or To Keep Your Money Lent Out And Working For Longer

Truth to tell, hardly anything needed changing in this guide that we updated last week.

But, if you've not read how to a) get lending faster or b) increase the chances of getting more of your money back as soon as you want it, read on

90%+ Loss Shows Difference Between Property Investing And Property Lending

Property investing – meaning owning property or at least part ownership – is often conflated with lending to property owners.

P2P lending is about the latter, but what really is the difference in risk and reward, and why is it different? Find out in this stark case going on right now of a 90%+ loss.

Unbolted Review!

You've been waiting a long time for this. While other P2P lending providers focused on lending against pawned luxury possessions have failed catastrophically, Unbolted has shown over a long period that it works when done right. Read about it here.

How Money Lenders Assess Luxury Asset Loan Applications

Since we're on the subject, find out where P2P lending companies doing luxury pawn lending have seriously gone wrong before.

Investigative Interviewing: Getting To The Truth

You might think that analysing data is central to what 4thWay does when assessing P2P lending companies, but arguably it's the interviews that are the most revealing part for us.

For the first time ever, read one of our interviews with a P2P lending company (Lande), complete with 4thWay's internal notes and a few additional comments to help you understand what's going on.

There's No Such Thing as “No Lender Fee”

We've updated this very important page on understanding that lending is not free and it's never free, regardless of what P2P lending companies tell you.

Crowd2Fund Review – Updated

After Crowd2Fund has finally published its company accounts – quite a bit late – we've taken the opportunity to reassess it. Read the updated Crowd2Fund Review.

Invest & Fund Review – Updated, As Rates Rise

Across the wider industry, rates are rising, a few more developments are stalling, and property prices are falling. But what's happening at the solid Invest & Fund?

Find out in the updated Invest & Fund Review.

CapitalStackers Review – Still Beating Inflation

How's it looking for one of the few P2P lending companies where lenders even managed to beat inflation in 2022?

Lande Is Back!

Lande was unable to provide us with the data and updates we needed for a while, but it's come back and we've now got plenty of updates to our initial page on this European P2P lending company focused on farmer borrowers and paying over 10% interest. Read the latest here.

Crowd2Fund – How Serious Are Its Late Accounts And The “Strike-Off” Threat?

It could be quite shocking to see a P2P lending company you use showing an entry at the companies registrar that it's about to be “struck off” – with everything the business owns about to revert to the Crown.

Don't panic. Find out what this all means for you here.

Which P2P Lending Sites Are Profitable?

We're finding that a continuing stream of P2P lending companies have been becoming profitable as they get out of the startup phase, and even start generating regular profits.

Read about it here.

How Much Should You Trust “Award-Winning” P2P Lending Companies?

While 4thWay has won its fair share of awards and no-one wants to seem ungrateful, how much do awards really reflect how good a company is?

In particular, when a P2P lending provider wins an award, does it mean it's going to offer investors a good risk-reward balance and satisfactory results?

Find out here.

CapitalRise Review Updated

Truth to tell, after our latest reassessment, there's not much new to say – which is often a good thing. If you ‘ve not come across it yet, check out CapitalRise.

House Prices Aren't Impacting P2P Lending

How perceptible is the impact of recent house-price falls on P2P lending? We look at the data.

Read about it here.

AxiaFunder Review – Update After First Loss

With perhaps a 10% to 15% chance of any AxiaFunder investment losing you money, it had to happen sooner rather than later. As lenders were previously sitting on annualised returns of 45%, what now is its result?

We've updated the AxiaFunder Review. The main section that has been updated is How good are AxiaFunder's returns, bad debts and margin of safety?

Update To 12 Key Risks And On Wind-Down Plans

We've made some substantial updates to our comprehensive guide on the key risks in peer-to-peer lending. Mainly to:

Risk 4, Losing money due to a P2P lending site going bust, and

Risk 5, Losing money due to a solvent wind down.

Plus, Kuflink has become the first P2P lending company to provide every piece of information and data we wanted on its wind-down plans. Read about that here.

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