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Why do peer-to-peer lending? It offers much greater returns than savings with lower risk than the stock market even when you commit your money for less time.

4thWay provides candid information about all the risks and benefits, so that you can decide for yourself whether it's right for you.

Below we show you five great ways to learn about peer-to-peer lending and P2P IFISAs, so you can earn more money, more safely!

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  1. Read our 10 Core P2P Lending Guide pages.
  2. Compare lending products and IFISAs.
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  4. See P2P lending reviews from 4thWay's specialists.
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Read our 10 Core P2P Lending Guide pages

  1. What is P2P Lending? Or see an image explaining the same in How Peer-to-Peer Lending Works.
  2. Is Peer-to-Peer Lending Safe?
  3. 4thWay's 10 P2P Investing Principles.
  4. The 13 Key Peer-To-Peer Lending Risks. (And two more risks in IFISAs: IFISAs: What Are The Risks?)
  5. 4-Step Strategy to Safe Peer-to-Peer Lending.
  6. 10 Ways To Get Your P2P Lending Money Back!
  7. Peer-to-Peer Lending Vs Other Investments.
  8. How Is Peer-to-Peer Lending Taxed?
  9. The IFISA (P2P ISA) Guide.
  10. How One Lender Is Losing Money – A Lesson In P2P Lending Diversification.

Other popular mini-guides include Can Your Business Lend Through P2P? and How Much to Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending.

If you get stuck for understanding any jargon, we offer you our Peer-to-Peer Lending And IFISA Glossary.

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Compare lending products and IFISAs

Compare all P2P lending products, including IFISAs or just compare IFISAs.

See P2P lending reviews from 4thWay's specialists

There is probably no better way anywhere on the Web to quickly learn about each individual P2P lending opportunity than by reading reviews from our specialists.

Read our very popular and educational reviews for each P2P lending site by going to the compare page and then clicking on the reviews that interest you, so that you can see other key information side-by-side, such as their 4thWay PLUS Ratings.

Or you can click on the links here if you just want to read individual reviews in peace:

Read our latest research and tips

Double, Triple (Or Nothing) Your Money With This Offer

It's not just the opportunities paying a “mere” 8% per year that we cover on 4thWay. Sometimes there are much higher returns available.

And not always are the risks of major downside so well minimised (although certainly not zero!)

The next opportunity to take part in this particular kind of opportunity will likely be listed on AxiaFunder in a couple of weeks, so you've got till then to assess the offer, review AxiaFunder itself, register, and get through its regulatory procedures.

Read about it here.

New! FOLK2FOLK Review

Thanks not just to several analysts and specialists at 4thWay, but especially to FOLK2FOLK, for completing the looooooong process of getting assessed and listed on 4thWay.

At last, we have the FOLK2FOLK Review!

Crowd2Fund In Suffering

It's an understatement to say that Crowd2Fund has not had the most successful trajectory.

Lenders need to factor this into their decision making.

Read about it here.

25 Peer-To-Peer Property Lending Websites

We try to update this once a year, as it's very popular for some reason! Probably because people love property-backed lending. Figures and facts have been updated and the number rises to 25 from 24. Read on.

Lande's Critical Improvements, Property Lending Strong, Rating Gone

The whole team has mucked in and dug deep to conduct a reassessment of Lande. It's a real mixed picture.

Although many lenders have been frustrated with delayed, renewed and restructured loans recently, especially harvest loans, I'm mostly positive – although with the one unfortunate change: it is no longer rated. Here's the update.

CapitalStackers Review – Reassessed

This year, 4thWay has had potential borrowers complain to us that CapitalStackers is too strict in approving loans. As someone who wants to see risks contained for lenders, that is not a complaint I find very disturbing!

One of 4thWay's specialists has completed a very thorough reassessment of CapitalStackers.

The main changes to the review are in the section “How good are CapitalStackers’ interest rates, bad debts and margin of safety?”

Is Peer-to-Peer Lending Safe For Lenders?

We've updated and added to one of our 10 core guides. You'll now see:

  • Why is P2P lending so stable?
  • How do the risks compare to savings accounts and the stock market?
  • “Lower risk” doesn't mean “no risk”.
  • Why the financial regulator needs to be cautious about P2P lending.
  • Why and how your money can get tied up for longer in P2P lending.
  • What is the safest way to do peer-to-peer lending?
  • Is there a higher-risk, higher-return way?

Read all about it!

When FSCS And FOS Protection Doesn't Work When You Think It Will

A 4thWay reader wrote in with some succinct comments on protections lenders and investors usually expect to get – but which haven't always work out.

Read about how this has gone horribly wrong a few times in recent years.

Compare IFISAs

It's a new ISA season and you probably know it's even easier to invest in IFISAs now, since the government made the rules easier from 6th April.

Visit our P2P lending IFISA comparison tables where you'll see their IFISA ratings and reviews.

Oh, did we tell you that 4thWay has a 100% record in both positive and negative investment recommendations and ratings since we started in 2014? Now you know.

So check out the IFISAs and their 6.5% to 10% returns.

HNW Lending Reassessment

There is definitely no P2P lending provider quite like HNW Lending. If you're looking for more diversification and you have deep pockets, look no further.

Our leading specialist has conducted a huge amount of new research on this provider and its lending accounts, and reassessed its 4thWay PLUS Rating using our diabolically tough stress tests.

Read the updated HNW Lending Review.

Proplend Review: Updates

The now profitable Proplend has paid out £23 million in interest with just £40,000 in losses. And none of its outstanding rental-property loans are bad debts.

Read 4thWay's thorough reassessment of this remarkable investment opportunity.

Development Lending: “Last Six Months Have Been The Worst, Including The Pandemic”

Individual lenders, spoiled by years of property development loans (mostly) repaying more or less on time, will have seen a steady, swift increase in late and problematic loans over the past year or so.

What is going on? Is it something to worry about? What if on top of that there's a crash and recession to contend with?

Read about the trajectory of P2P development lending.

I Can't Believe I Forgot To Share This With You!

Matt Howard wrote an update on the 1st January about how P2P Lending Beats The Stock Market, Yet Again, In 2023.

And I forgot to share it with you! It's now the 25th March, for goodness' sake!

Better late than never, read about the unbroken 19-year record of positive returns for P2P lending and how often it has outperformed shares.

Lendwise Review Updated-Not-Updated

Just letting you know, we've re-conducted our Lendwise 4thWay PLUS Rating assessment and conducted some fresh research, but this has not impacted our research or 4thWay's specialists' opinions.

Here is a link to the Lendwise Review, but, if you read it in November when we updated it last, you'll not really see anything new this time.

Which P2P Lending Companies Boost Lender Returns With Default Interest?

When borrowers fall late, some providers pay lenders additional penalty fees and/or interest.

This can boost your annual returns on some loans by 3-4 percentage points!

Somo Review Updated: Now Paying Over 10% To Lenders

After a complete reassessment, the biggest changes to Somo are tougher requirements before you're allowed to invest, e.g. in terms of how wealthy you need to be (boo!) and much higher lending interest rates after fees – back up in the double digits again (yay!). Read about it here.

Loanpad Review Updated

Some Loanpad accounts had become less competitive when savings rates rocketed last year, but now it's paying a good premium again.

We've completed another full reassessment of its lenders' prospects in a severe recession or property crash and found it to still be able to withstand just about everything but a nuclear disaster! Take a look.

The Best IFISAs This 2024/25 Season

Over the past seven weeks we've reassessed a large number of providers, many of which offer the best IFISAs available.

Your lending portfolio will earn stable, highly attractive returns if you spread your money across many loans in half-a-dozen lending accounts from of these providers.

That's even during a poor economy or property market. Read about the best IFISAs.

Risks In P2P Lending: Cybercrime – Unlucky Number 13

We've added another risk to our Key Peer-To-Peer Lending Risks page, taking the total now to 13.

Cybercrime might not happen often in P2P, but, were it to happen, the costs could be substantial.

Assetz Exchange Updates

After a full reassessment, we've updated our Assetz Exchange Review.

Assetz Exchange – which is strategically very distanced from its namesake, Assetz Capital – is rather like being a landlord in many key ways.

You can make a profit on sale of properties and you earn interest linked to the rising rents.

Yet your protections are more in line with money lending.

It's complex though, so take a very deep breath before plunging into this very long review.

Lending Through Multiple IFISAs Is Getting Much Easier

We just updated the IFISA Guide – again – this time based on how they will work in the coming tax year, which starts on 6th April 2024.

We probably should have done this two months ago, as we updated the guide then as well. Sorry about that.

It's going to be much easier to lend across more IFISAs though, so check it out, and find out how the new, easier rules will work.

Invest & Fund Review – Updated

Invest & Fund offers just about the best risk-reward balance available for these particular kinds of property loans.

Almost no loans suffering even tiny issues since 2015 (while paying double lending interest if they ever were to suffer problems anyway).

Read what about the risks, rates and how Invest & Fund's record is better than its peers.

UK Peer-to-Peer Lending For Overseas Residents

We've updated this guide for lenders not based in the UK who want to lend through UK-based P2P lending websites and similar online lending platforms.

Mostly, this means adding to it so that it is now a complete list of providers that allow overseas lenders.

The Peer-To-Peer IFISA Guide

If you need to know absolutely anything at all about how IFISAs work, what the benefits and costs are, see a list of all providers that offer P2P IFISA, and more, it's all here in the most comprehensive IFISA guide from the horses' mouth, based on research involving accountants and the taxman himself.

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