4thWay’s Ethical Advertising Policy

Sometimes we allow banners (wide images) on some pages on the 4thWay website that lead directly to other companies’ websites. These are adverts on 4thWay.

Why adverts are annoying

I know, I know. Three things that are really annoying about adverts generally are 1) they rarely show the best product, 2) it’s not always in your interests to buy it and 3) you can often buy it cheaper somewhere else.

That is not the case on 4thWay!

  • We only allow ads that are about the number one product in their category in the context of what feature is being advertised, e.g. lowest price or best service. The number two product doesn’t make it onto 4thWay!
  • The product has to be relevant to our users, so for example about peer-to-peer services, money, finance or investing.
  • It has to serve the cause of good rather than bad, e.g. not gambling or not a service that is just a waste of money, but something that is genuinely helpful.
  • We are sceptical of advertisers and reject any where we do not believe they are being honest or that they are truly number one, after we research their market and product. In other words, the rigorous independent scrutiny that you are used to from 4thWay applies equally to advertising.

Our adverts are always clearly marked as such.

Hopefully, you're willing to accept some non-flashy advertising on 4thWay from time to time to help with our operating costs.

If you have any concerns about any advertised products that you think we might have overlooked, please let us know! Email allofus@4thway.co.uk.

An example of one of our adverts

This is a 4thWay Ethical Ad (opens new window).

End of ad.





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