Proplend Review

Proplend’s Tranche A, 0-50% LTV Lending Against Property Mostly Receiving Rent received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. These loans have been paying interest after bad debts. Visit Proplend* or keep reading the Proplend Review.

HNW Lending Review

HNW Lending’s Property & Asset Lending Averaging 55% Average LTV received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. This manual lending account is paying around interest after losses from bad debts. Its auto-lend account pays 7% with additional borrower interest covering rare losses. Visit HNW Lending*…

Lendwise Review

Lendwise’s IFISA And Classic Account has received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. These loans are expected to pay lenders around after bad debts. Visit Lendwise* or keep reading the Lendwise Review.

Somo Review

Somo’s Bridging Lending Account received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. These loans have been paying lenders . That’s before bad debts, although historically losses have been virtually zero. Visit Somo* or keep reading the Somo Review.

The 9 Best Peer-To-Peer Lending Accounts In The UK 2024

My team and I have been assessing P2P lending accounts since 2014 and we continue to have a 100% record. (We won’t always get all the most important calls right – that’s impossible in investing – but we expect that we almost always will.) My…

How Much Should You Trust “Award-Winning” P2P Lending Companies?

You’ll have noticed that P2P lending companies sometimes win awards, which are usually awarded by some sort of publication, with or without an independent judging panel. 4thWay, too, regularly wins industry awards for which I am truly very grateful and glad that we get recognised….

Best Innovative Finance ISAs In 2024

What are the best Innovative Finance ISAs? The best innovative finance ISAs are these nine, which offer a market-leading risk-reward balance: Assetz Exchange IFISA. (Minimum £1 per loan.) CapitalRise IFISA. (Minimum £1,000 per loan.) CapitalStackers IFISA. (Minimum £2,500 per loan.) CrowdProperty IFISA. (Minimum £500 that…

Assetz Exchange Review

Assetz Exchange’s P2P Lending Account And IFISA And Classic Account has earned an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. These loans have been paying lenders around of the loan amount in interest, after bad debts. Visit Assetz Exchange* or keep reading the Assetz Exchange Review.

IFISA Guide Up to 5th April 2024

We have nagged the taxman’s notoriously tight-lipped officials, and chased down accountants, IFISA providers and even 4thWay’s own skilled experts to give you answers to all your IFISA questions, as well questions you never thought to ask. Here goes: What is an IFISA? An IFISA…

The 3 P2P Lending Providers With The Best Financial Health

P2P lending companies’ financial health is of great interest to lenders and of course to us at 4thWay. If a P2P lending company is already making money then it lowers the risk that it’s going to close. Closure can cause you uncertainty about your loans,…

How The Most Successful Individual Lenders Grow Their P2P Wealth

Over the past month or so, I’ve talked with a couple of dozen investors who use 4thWay’s research. It’s been one of the advantages of growing a wealthy collective of lenders to get better returns while doing something useful to support the proper functioning of…

AxiaFunder Review

With realised gains so far of , and being unaligned with recessions and property crashes, why wouldn’t you consider this opportunity? Before you read on, AxiaFunder is available to you only if you have invested at least £10,000 in unlisted investments in the past 12…

Crowd2Fund Review

Crowd2Fund’s Business & Property Lending is unrated, due to lack of information. There’s not enough info to calculate the annualised interest rate earned by lenders after bad debts. Visit Crowd2Fund or keep reading the Crowd2Fund Review.

Blend Review

Blend’s Development And Property-Secured Business Loans are unrated, due to lack of information. These loans have been paying lenders around . Visit Blend or keep reading the Blend Review.

HNW Investors: Harness Your Power For An Even Better Deal

P2P lending companies often want and need to fund loans through institutions or a collection of especially wealthy investors, who earn better rates and terms for the privilege. That lending is over-and-above the usual lending through online lending platforms. And that’s all while providing a…

How Money Lenders Assess Luxury Asset Loan Applications

It was a lot of years ago when we assessed Unbolted’s lending processes, and then lost contact with them for a long time. In summer 2023, however, we’ve received substantial supporting evidence and answers to go along with a relatively short interview on lending processes…

Investigative Interviewing: Getting To The Truth

One of the six most important ways we assess P2P lending companies is through interviews. (The others are email Q&As; getting data and documents from them; background research and register/database checks; secret shopping/contacting customers and suppliers; and consulting external specialists, such as lawyers or accountants.)…

Which P2P Lending Sites Offer FSCS Protection On Unlent Cash?

Your main protection is that loans and cash are segregated Firstly, lets get a sense of proportion. Because FSCS protection here is actually a very minor point. If you have loans at a P2P lending company or if that site is holding some of your…

Crowd2Fund Late Accounts And “Strike-Off” Threat

Update on 12th August 2023: Crowd2Fund’s accounts have now been filed and the strike-off action discontinued. Details of its accounts here. You’ve not heard anything from us on Crowd2Fund for a while. Crowd2Fund hasn’t been in a position to provide detailed data to us to…

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