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Lending Work

I am a investor in Landing Work for the last year. The return is currently as per promised rate but in the last few weeks I noted few changes which I would like to share and have comments from member of the forum:
- investment return have been reduced by more than 1per cent
- insurance on the borrower has been cancelled
- my autoinvest for the first time has been reinvested in older debt instead of new one.
- invest time is 1 to 7 days (short)

I am starting to think to withdraw my investment since it seems to me the situation is not stable anymore. Anyone with same feeling as mine or other with more positive view?

Thank you to share your view.


  • Hi TM

    The rates are still attractive. We've gathered more information from Lending Works about the causes of the rate fall and other interesting information, and will write up a report on 4thWay very soon.

    Regarding the insurance, we established some time ago that it had pretty limited value at least outside of a recession. We'll be writing up the reasons it was cancelled.

    I don't think we can read much into one investor's auto-invest lending in older debt. Investors quite regularly ask to withdraw funds for one reason or another, and this is passed on to existing investors. We'll keep our ears open for any new trends though.

    When you say invest time is short, I think you mean that the time it takes to get your money invested/reinvested is short. This is usually something that investors are pleased with. Lending Works should be aiming to get investors' money invested/reinvested in as short a time as possible. It could be they have been working towards this. There could also be a devious reason, but with no evidence to support that I see no cause for concern.

    I hope this helps,


  • My auto-invested repayments have also been reinvested in old loans for the first time recently (I've been with Lending Works for 18 months). I haven't invested any new money for quite a while because I found their matching times unacceptably long and bore no relation to the time predicted. On 4-5 occasions over about 6 months I placed additional funds on the market when the matching times were said to be 1-7 days and after 28 days my funds were still not lent out and there was no way of knowing when they were likely to be so I withdrew them. This only applied to new money though, auto-invested repayments are matched within a day or two. It's that unpredictability that has put me off investing new money with them rather than the drop in rates so it would be helpful to know if the predicted matching times are now more reliable and new funds are indeed getting lent out in line with their estimates.

  • I think it is true to say that all the various P2P platforms have been alittle less attractive recently, and many reasons for that, but of all of them I'd still put LendingWorks very near the top, along with Ratesetter and Growthstreet. Sure maybe not quite as good as a year or so ago but still a very good option IMO.

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