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4thWay Insight Reports

We provide highly detailed, plain English, 4thWay® Insight Reports, which are reviews into peer-to-peer lending companies, with information you can’t find anywhere else. These are a powerful supplement to the 4thWay® PLUS Ratings, helping focus your attention on the key points.

Each report focuses on a single P2P lending website that you can lend through. It includes:

  • A summary of its key strengths and weaknesses.
  • An explanation of its 4thWay® PLUS Rating.
  • Additional information on potential risks that can’t be incorporated into a risk-scoring system.
  • Insider information from the P2P lending companies.
  • Highlights of the unique features available to you.
  • An explanation of the most relevant information taken from our detailed comparison tables.
  • And a whole lot of information to help you learn how to lower your risks and increase your rewards.

4thWay® Insight Reports

Funding Circle's 4thWay® Insight Report.

Proplend's 4thWay® Insight Report.

RateSetter's 4thWay® Insight Report.

Lending Works' 4thWay® Insight Report.

Zopa's 4thWay® Insight Report.

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