Is Peer-to-Peer Lending Safe For Lenders?

The process of money lending has been very profitable for thousands of years, even before computers and credit reports. There have been credit-reference agencies since the mid-1800s. From then onwards, it has become increasingly easy to assess borrowers and decide what interest rates to charge…

CapitalStackers Review

CapitalStackers’ Property Lending Account/IFISA currently has two alt ratings of secured and hidden gem, as we have no doubt it will receive the top 4thWay PLUS Rating soon, when its history is sufficient. These loans have been paying lenders an average interest after bad debts. Visit…

The 13 Key Peer-To-Peer Lending Risks

The main peer-to-peer lending risks are: Yourself (psychological risk). Not enough diversification (concentration risk). Losing money due to bad debts (credit risk). Losing money due to a P2P lending site going bust (platform risk). Losing money due to a solvent wind down (more platform risk)….

CrowdProperty Review

CrowdProperty’s Bridging & Development loans received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. This account has recently been paying lenders interest after bad debts. Visit CrowdProperty or keep reading the CrowdProperty Review.

The Peer-To-Peer IFISA Guide

Two great have had a cascade of effects throughout this guide, so there are lots of updates. Those changes are: You can now make new contributions into as many IFISAs as you want, at any time. The last of the restrictions on partial transfers of…

IFISAs: What Are The Risks?

The key risks in IFISAs are: Psychological risk: your own greed and fear. Concentration risk: you don’t spread your money across lots of loans and P2P lending sites. Credit risk: borrowers don’t repay you. Platform risk: the P2P lending site (the “platform”) goes bust and…

Loanpad Review

Loanpad’s Premium Account/Premium IFISA received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. This account has been paying interest after zero bad debts. Visit Loanpad* or keep reading the Loanpad Review.

CapitalRise Review

CapitalRise’s Bridging & Development Loans have earned the Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. These loans have been paying lenders around  interest after bad debts. Visit CapitalRise* or keep reading the CapitalRise Review.

Downing Crowd Review

Downing Crowd’s Senior Property & Renewable Energy Lending is unrated, due to lack of information. These loans have been paying lenders around interest before bad debts. Visit Downing Crowd or keep reading the Downing Crowd Review.  

Invest & Fund Review

Invest & Fund Lending Account received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. This account has been paying in the regular P2P lending account after fees. It pays in the IFISA, due to slightly higher fees. Visit Invest & Fund* or keep reading the Invest &…

Unbolted Review

Unbolted’s IFISA And Classic Account are Unrated, because we don’t quite get receive sufficient data to conduct our full assessments. Lenders are currently on course to earn around after bad debts. Visit Unbolted or keep reading the Unbolted Review.

10 Ways To Get Your P2P Lending Money Back!

We’ll show you: Why buying and selling loans won’t always be speedy, and can sometimes be nigh-on impossible. What the delays cost you and how long they might last. The silver lining: that your risks actually come down due to slow lending and good investing…

Kuflink Review

Kuflink’s Auto-Invest 1 Year Account received an Exceptional 3/3 4thWay PLUS Rating. This account has been paying interest. Visit Kuflink* or keep reading the Kuflink Review.

How Does Peer-to-Peer Lending Tax Work?

When you earn money through peer-to-peer lending there are huge tax breaks available to you. For most people there’s an automatic tax break on all P2P lending accounts. You can also open specific peer-to-peer lending accounts, called IFISAs, which are always free of income tax…

What is Peer-to-Peer Lending?

Here’s an overview of how you can earn an income and make money by helping others escape the banks through peer-to-peer lending. You open an online account with one or more peer-to-peer lending companies, and then you can lend money to people or businesses, including property owners….

4thWay’s 10 P2P Investing Principles

Peer-to-peer lending is on average relatively low risk compared to the stock market and it is relatively easy to assess compared to picking shares – provided you arm yourself with knowledge. But it’s still, most definitely, an investment, meaning carelessness, greed, panic, pride, fear and…

Peer-to-Peer Lending Vs Other Investments

In this guide, we explain how peer-to-peer lending performs when compared against stocks and other investments. Here’s a short summary of what you’ll learn Useful investments for most people are 1) Savings accounts, 2) peer-to-peer lending, 3) buying your own home and 4) the stock…

Sourced Capital Review

Sourced Capital’s Bridging & Development loans are currently unrated, due to not enough information being provided. This account has been paying lenders in the region of interest after bad debts. Visit Sourced Capital or keep reading the Sourced Capital Review.

4-Step Strategy to Safe Peer-to-Peer Lending

Safe peer-to-peer lending is not as risky as the stock market. Not by a long shot. On average! However, as with the stock market, the risks in P2P lending are not uniform. Some lenders will lose a lot of money over the next half century, simply…

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