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Earn 6.1% Interest Through Lending Works

By Matthew Howard on 31st December, 2014 | Read more by this author

Lending Works has made itself even more attractive to lenders by ramping up its interest rates.

It has pushed up its three-year rate from 4% to 4.3% and its five-year rate from 5.5% to 6.1%.

The five-year rate is now the best of all the peer-to-peer lending companies that are both dead easy to use and have the lowest (best) 4thWay® Risk Ratings – all of which have had no losses to lenders.

These interest rates are also much, much higher than you can get in any savings accounts or cash ISAs.

Higher rates and faster lending!

Interest rates usually change based on supply and demand. Higher rates can mean that Lending Works is short of lenders. The result of this is that, not only are rates currently higher, but it is also probably even easier to lend your money swiftly, since there is less competition to lend.

Even assuming you have bad luck lending your money out quickly, you might still make £1,600 in interest over five years on lending £5,000. After tax that might be around £1,300 or £1,000 depending on your income tax rate.

Lending Works is the only P2P lending company to offer both a provision fund to cover loans that go bad as well as insurance against losses from unemployment and accident.

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