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Lending Works Joins P2P Benchmark Index

By Jane Rey on 8th December, 2014 | Read more by this author

Lending Works has been added to the 4thWay® P2P Forecast Returns Index, which shows current average expected returns in P2P lending.

Lending Works is a small but rapidly growing P2P lending company that is transparent on its rates, so we have been able to swiftly add it to the benchmark, shortly after we started it.

Lending Works is a low risk, low return P2P lending company. It's current forecast rates of 4% to 5.5% over one to five years after bad debts and fees has pulled the benchmark down slightly to an average expected return of a fraction over 5% per year.

The 4thWay® P2P Forecast Returns Index is the first P2P lending benchmark index. It is appropriate for ordinary individual lenders, rather than institutional investors or high net worth individuals. It shows you the rates you can expect to get if you lend today.

About Lending Works

Lending Works is a prime consumer loans P2P lending company that has a bad-debt provision fund set aside to pay bad debts, although no reserve fund is a guarantee. It also has insurance to pay for fraud, cyber crime and for borrowers who can't pay due to accident, loss of employment or redundancy.

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