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4thWay P2P Forecast Returns Index

Forecast returns for investors lending their money today is:

6.67% per year

As of 18th July 2024

The 4thWay® P2P Forecast Returns Index shows the forecast returns for individuals lending their money to consumer, business and property borrowers through peer-to-peer lending companies.

It reflects the interest rates that ordinary lenders can expect to get, on average, after fees and forecast bad debts, if they spread their money equally.

The index was launched on 3rd December, 2014. It is the first ever peer-to-peer lending benchmark with all data updated daily.

Suitable for individual lenders

The 4thWay® P2P Forecast Returns Index is a forward-looking index that is designed to be best for ordinary individuals who are choosing to lend their money, rather than high-net worth investors or institutions. As such:

  • It excludes P2P lending companies requiring a minimum investment of £1,000 or more in a single loan.
  • It excludes P2P lending companies that are exclusive and not available to all small lenders.
  • It excludes P2P lending companies that don't easily enable you to lend.
  • All interest rates used in the calculation are converted to compounding so that rates are on the same basis.
  • Money is spread evenly rather than weighted, due to small investors not being seriously constrained by lending volume like large institutional investors are.
  • If several accounts are offered by a P2P lending company, an average of the interest rates in those accounts is used.

No deductions are made for cash held in P2P lending accounts that are not currently on loan.


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