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What’s Better Than House Price Forecasts For Property P2P?

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So you might be concerned to have read the headlines this week that house price rises have halved from over 11% a year ago to 4.6% in May 2015.

Just to be clear: house prices have still grown, but half as fast as they grew one year ago. Yet this is still being touted as a cause for concern for people who might have bought at a peak – as well as for property investors and lenders such as ourselves.

What does this tell us about the future?

Looking at the historical record, a year-on-year plummet of around 50% or more has been a completely useless indicator that a crash is around the corner.

Looking at Nationwide's data going back to 1952, positive growth roughly halved – or more than halved – in about 30 quarters during that time. (A “quarter” is a consecutive three-month period.)

Yet in just three out of those quarters –  about 10% – did that rapid decline in growth turn into an annual loss.

We also had a false negative in late 2010 when the growth rate plummeted nearly 90%. For the following three quarters prices actually fell, but by the end of 2011 the losses had more than reversed.

Even when several quarters in a row have seen growth halve on the same quarter a year earlier, we've typically not seen a crash come afterwards.

In addition, we only had one quarter's warning of halved growth before the most recent crash from 2008-2009. Not much of a warning.

Bear in mind that I'm talking about quarterly data here, not monthly. The property commentators at major mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers and economics think tanks often refer to the quarterly figures as more revealing of the trend. Yet it would appear that even quarterly figures are astoundingly unreliable.

What's better than short-term forecasts?

I'm not saying their won't be a crash. I'm not making any forecast at all. I'm just pointing out that short-term forecasts suck.

If you let yourself believe you can spot when a crashes is going to occur by reading the entrails then you are distracting yourself from more down-to-earth and rational ways to make financial decisions.

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