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UK Peer-to-Peer Lending For Overseas Residents

Here's our list of P2P lending companies that we are aware of that you can lend through from overseas, i.e. outside the UK. And there's another list below of those that we know you can't.

In addition to any requirements below, you may only open an IFISA if you are a UK taxpayer and have a National Insurance number. (If you leave the UK, you can't make new contributions to your ISA.)

Overseas investors allowed

P2P lending site Known conditions or restrictions
Assetz Exchange*/**
AxiaFunder*/** If you're living in Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland or the Netherlands. If you live in another country, you can ask AxiaFunder to try to set it up.
Blend** UK bank account required. No US citizens (even dual nationality) and no residents of the US or Canada.
CapitalRise*/** UK bank account required.
CapitalStackers*/** UK bank account required. No US citizens (even dual nationality).
CP Capital Open to residents of the EU. UK bank account required.
Crowdestates UK bank account required.
Crowd for Angels No residents of the US.
CrowdProperty** Open to residents of the EU. UK bank account required.
HNW Lending*/**
Invest & Fund*/** Ordinarily, you need to be a resident of the UK, although on a case-by-case basis Invest & Fund might accept lenders who live overseas. You must have a UK bank account. ID and address verification will need to be certified by a notary public (who Invest & Fund is also able to verify).
Investly (pounds and euros)
Kuflink*/** UK bank account required.
LandlordInvest UK bank account required. No US citizens or investors from high-risk/sanction-list countries.
Lendwise*/** UK bank account required.
Loanpad*/** UK bank account required. No US Citizens or Green Card holders.
Relendex** No US citizens.
ShareCredit No US citizens or US taxpayers.
Shojin No US residents.
Simple Crowdfunding No US residents.
Somo*/** Russia and Belarus excluded. No other restrictions, but investors approved on a case-by-case basis, considering such things as country and whether the investor is a politically exposed person (PEP).
Sourced Capital** UK bank account required. You'll be contacted by relationship director.
WiseAlpha No residents of Japan or the US.

More ID checks for overseas lenders

If the P2P lending site is headquartered in the UK you will generally face greater hurdles when trying to open an overseas account, such as more manual checks to try to confirm your identity.

You must be UK resident to open an IFISA

While you can open peer-to-peer lending accounts from overseas, you must be a resident of the UK to open an IFISA.

Overseas lenders not allowed

CARLTON Bonds (also no US taxpayers)
Downing Crowd**
Elfin Market (indeed, you need to have lived in the UK for at least three years)
Fund Ourselves
Guarantor My Loan
The Money Platform
Triodos Bank

Further reading: The Peer-To-Peer Lending Fraud Checklist.

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