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Difference Between Assetz Capital Products Finally Explained

Recently I was a bit confused about the difference between Assetz Capital's various products, in particular when you want to get early access or get your money lent quickly. After asking Assetz Capital for clarity, I just want to quickly share this with you in case you are also struggling to spot the subtle differences.

Here is a table showing the differences regarding early access:

Assetz Lending Product 4thWay PLUS Rating Interest Rate Early Access Rules
Quick Access Account* Assetz Capital accounts 3.82%** Typically instant exit.
Exit by selling to other lenders or being repaid from excess cash in the lending account pot.
30-Day Access Account* Assetz Capital accounts 4.85%** (until approx mid-July, then reverting to 4.33%**) Typically exit after 30 days – never sooner.
Exit by selling to other lenders or being repaid from excess cash in the lending account pot.
Great British Business Account* Assetz Capital accounts 7.23%** Exit when possible.
Exit by selling to other lenders.
The Green Energy Income Account* Assetz Capital accounts 7.23%** Exit when possible.
Exit by selling to other lenders.

Exit by selling to other lenders

In the last column of the table above, you'll see there are two potential ways to exit your loans early, depending on which lending account you choose.

The first way is to sell your loans to other lenders. This is the usual way lenders exit early in P2P lending. With Assetz Capital, as with several other P2P lending sites, your loan parts are matched to new lenders automatically. You don't have to find other individual lenders to buy them yourself.

When you exit by selling to other lenders, like any marketplace, there need to be lenders who are looking to buy in order for your loan parts to be sold to them. Mostly, this appears to be quick at Assetz Capital, but particularly during quiet times, or when lenders are getting worried about the economy perhaps, selling might be difficult or impossible for a time.

You will, however, still continue to receive your money back in ordinary loan repayments until the loans are fully repaid or the rest of your loans are sold.

Exit by being repaid from excess cash in the lending account pot

This is an unusual benefit offered by Assetz Capital. Cash sitting in the Quick Access Account and 30-Day Access Account enable lenders to get their money back swiftly.

There is usually a huge (and growing) pile of cash in these accounts, making it likely that lenders can withdraw their money as soon as they want to. Lenders using the Quick Access Account can generally expect to receive their money back instantly and those using the 30 Day Access Account can expect it back punctually in 30 days' time (but not sooner).

Due to this extra cash to aid withdrawals, it might take very exceptional circumstances for access to be delayed, such as a massive panic leading to a lot of lenders wanting to withdraw at once.

Assetz Capital is not able to take this money and spend it, so it is purely for lenders' benefit.

A small anomaly with the 30-Day Access Account

What I find slightly anomalous is that Assetz Capital assists you to sell your loans with its own cash in 30 days for the 30-Day Account, but you can't exit faster than that under any circumstances. That is even the case even if there is lender's waiting to buy you out now.

However, with the Great British Business Account and the Green Energy Income Account, Assetz has not stated a minimum, so you could potentially sell on the same day if other lenders are available, even though these two accounts are not being targeted at people who want swifter access, but rather higher interest.

You also lend more quickly with the access accounts

Due in part to how these accounts work with their cash pile and lending mix, lenders are also able to get lending right away in almost all circumstances with the Quick Access Account and the 30 Day Access Account. Lenders are more likely to experience delays with the other accounts.

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**We adjust Assetz Capital's interest rates so that they are calculated the way that most P2P lending sites (and other investments) are calculated - which makes much more sense. That's why rates here look slightly higher than on Assetz's own website.

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