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Detailed Research Report into Wellesley & Co.

We don't intend to use our Candid Opinion blogs to brag about what we're up to. But if it was another company producing high-quality research, we would inform you about it either in our news articles or in our candid blogs.

However, it's us setting the standard in P2P lending research.

Our first 4thWay® Insight Report is now available and, thanks to Wellesley & Co., you can see it entirely for free. Many more will follow over the coming weeks, just as our comparison tables will be filled up with all the P2P lending companies.

Wellesley & Co. supports us by paying us commission in return for showing its 4thWay® Risk Rating and 4thWay® Insight Report for free to all our users. We earn that commission when you click through to them from our website and then become a customer. Our reports are editorially independent.

If you want a highly detailed but plain English summary of the key facts for this excellent P2P lending website, you'll find it all in our report, including:

  • A summary of Wellesley & Co's key strengths and weaknesses.
  • An explanation of its 4thWay® Risk Rating.
  • Additional information on potential risks that can’t be incorporated into a risk-scoring system.
  • Insider information.
  • Highlights of the unique features available to you.
  • An explanation of the most relevant information taken from our detailed comparison tables.
  • And a whole lot of information to help you learn how to lower your risks and increase your rewards.

We hope you learn a great deal from it!

We do not take commission for including P2P lending companies in our free comparison tables. All P2P lending companies will be included over the next few weeks. Learn How we earn money fairly with your help.

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