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Buy Tip: Why You Should Lend Through CapitalStackers

There are very few P2P lending sites that have given me the feeling of 100% honesty and openness that we at 4thWay also aim for, but I certainly feel that from CapitalStackers.

Jumping through hoops

For a P2P lending site to get listed on 4thWay, it needs to go through a very time-consuming process, involving long forms, email Q&As, phone meetings, sometimes in-person interviews and then some more email Q&As. They also have to provide over 100 data points of information.

As usual, we spent a huge amount of time dissecting information from CapitalStackers and had several meetings to discuss the people, processes, business and the data they supplied.

CapitalStackers* does property loans, including property development loans and properties that are earning rent.

You can read an expert review of CapitalStackers, which contains key facts and figures and a 4thWay expert's summary views. But I just wanted to give my view too, mostly because development lending is not so easily measured in numbers and therefore opinions and quality assessments matter even more.

Before reading further, note that the minimum you can lend in a single loan is £5,000. Just so I don't waste your time if you're looking to lend small amounts.

It's about the people

CapitalStackers does not have the website with the best design or smoothest features. It's the people themselves who impress the most – and it's the people who are most important.

Combining straight-forward, down-to-Earth honesty, skills and experience, I think you can't find better than Steve Robson and his team at CapitalStackers.

CEO Steve Robson, in addition to decades of relevant experience, also has another project set up: a business with software to help measure risk in property opportunities. These risk-based analytics are far too rare in development lending and this was the case even before P2P lending was invented. So these kinds of analyses put CapitalStackers ahead of the pack.

Having reviewed an example of the analysis “CapStack” does on a loan opportunity, it is impressive. You can see where the analytical risk-assessment side meets experience.

In direct support of Robson, Tony Goldrick also has decades of experience in property lending. And Sylvia Bowden is a qualified surveyor. Even so, CapitalStackers still always has the property assessments carried out by independent assessors.

Overall, I believe they are a highly professional and very experienced team and have seen a lot to back this up. For example, some P2P lending sites doing development loans, in my opinion, focus too much on the land and property security and not enough on other important factors. I don't feel that concern here.

Great interest rates

While it is all about the people, those people also have to set fair interest rates for us lenders.

In the case of CapitalStackers, I think interest rates are very attractive. Yes, the sorts of loans they are doing are not the lowest risk types of loans and that's something you need to understand. But even taking that into account, I think rates of 8% to 20% are generous at this opportunity.

Watch that you spread your money around

At present CapitalStackers has few opportunities, alas. Please remember to spread your money across lots of loans and lots of different P2P lending sites.

Visit CapitalStackers*.

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