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What Customers Say About Peer-to-Peer Lending

By Matthew Howard on 12th January, 2015 | Read more by this author

Peer-to-peer lending companies get very high customer satisfaction ratings in surveys. Here, we collate some of the comments from their lender customers.

Unfortunately, we don't have access to negative comments! So we have to view the few comments selected by the P2P lending companies with a pinch of salt.

However, consider how few complaints filter out into the public from those lending on these sites, especially since people prefer to complain on the internet than praise.

What customers say about peer-to-peer lending at…


Caroline, London: “This seems to be the most secure of the P2P platforms… a hassle-free alternative to a bank.”

Ben, Hamphsire: “I earn monthly interest on my lending. It is great comfort knowing that it’s secured against income producing houses.”

John, Essex: “Landbay is a really exciting new way to invest: staff really helpful; service FAST.”

Lending Works

Robert: “I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.”

Nick: “I am happy to be earning from this investment. I chose Lending Works as they were the only peer to peer company offering independent insurance.”

Eric: “Quick and simple to register and transfer money in, my money was quickly lent at a very good rate for 5 years, way better than my usual bank, really glad I found this new way to make my savings working. The fact that the money is protected was obviously my main concern.”


Joe: “Investors earn great returns investing in mortgages secured against property, from a team with a great track record”


Mr E. O. “Much better interest rates than my bank, low LTV & supported by a real asset.”


Patricia Spreull: “The website is easy to use and your money is lent out quickly.”

Nick Hallwood: “A great way to match a regular expense to a regular income and at much better rates than you could get at a bank.”


Elaine: “The rate of return I get with my savings at Zopa is pretty good. I’m very pleased with it.”

Alex: “I like Zopa because they invented peer to peer lending, and they know what they’re doing…I’m constantly recommending Zopa to friends and family because I think it just makes so much sense.”

Maurice: “I find Zopa always really straightforward and simple to deal with.”

Chris: “…My risk is spread and diversified.”

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