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Nominate Your Fellow 4thWay Users

By Jane Rey on 21st April, 2015 | Read more by this author

Scroll down to see the first nominees.

4thWay® is setting up a Panel of Peers to govern our website on your behalf. These are individuals like you who lend their money through P2P.

They will ensure 4thWay® keeps your interests at the heart of what we do, writing the whole truth and keeping our comparison tables in correct order, among other things.

See the Panel of Peers' Powers And Responsibilities page for what they do to help you!

Send in your votes or objections

Now, we have our first two nominees. Please cast your votes!

None of the nominees below are connected to 4thWay® or its founders or employees in any way, but they are very active P2P lending individuals.

You can nominate one or both to the Panel of Peers or register your objections. If objections outweigh nominations then the nomination will fail.

You'll need to give a reason for any objection and it will need to be a substantive reason, e.g. not “I don't like his beard”!

To vote or object, please email

Please nominate Nathan Hill

Nathan Hill

Nathan Hill is a senior research fellow in primary care at the University of Oxford. His research background comes in handy when he's looking into peer-to-peer lending investments.

He was a founding member of the MoneySavingExpert community, he's an avid stoozer, passive investor and matched bettor.

He helps run the not-for-profit Society for Academic Primary Care.

Plus he's a black-belt-ninja-single-parent with a six-year-old boy! But he still wants to volunteer some of his free time to help ensure all of you can trust what you read on 4thWay®.

Please nominate JamesFrance


“JamesFrance” is the internet name of an active P2P investor who has retired to Carcassone in south France – a great place to be if you want to withstand a siege by catapult.

He takes an interest in the details, noticing such things as whether a P2P lending company really does have permission to operate from the financial regulator.

JamesFrance invests mostly in European P2P lending opportunities, such as Mintos and Bondora, although he's also in Assetz Capital, ThinCats and Saving Stream.

Please nominate Nathan Hill and JamesFrance now:

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