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Man Down! (I Mean, Person Down. Or Persons.)

We're still down several persons for our Panel of Peers, so I hope you'll consider volunteering. The Panel governs 4thWay on behalf of all lenders to ensure it remains  independent.

4thWay's Panel of Peers maintains our accuracy, impartiality, and candid research.

I'm glad to say that the Panel of Peers has not had much work to do in nudging us to make little improvements, and it has never felt the need to force us to do so, which is well within its power.

I am going to ensure it stays that way, because we take our independence very seriously and our number one goal – be supremely trustworthy and honest at all times – is what motivates all of 4thWay's people.

It is why I don't authorise any bonuses or work procedures at 4thWay that encourages our experts or our journalists to talk up commission payers or talk down non-commission payers. Everyone is encouraged to write their full and candid views in detail, and not to scrimp on explaining any relevant risks. Indeed, I insist upon that.

However, the ultimate enforcers of our independence and trustworthiness are yourselves – and there we have a temporary problem. We currently have just one of our website users running the Panel of Peers on his own. The word “panel” has already written in to complain it's being misused.

If you're potentially interested in helping your fellow 4thWay users keep us on the straight and narrow (and in relieving the vexed word “panel”), please get in touch either for more information or to be put up for nomination to the Panel by other users through 4thWay's newsletter.

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