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High-Rate Loans From rebuildingsociety

By Jane Rey on 11th February, 2015 | Read more by this author

Here are the latest high-rate loans that are open for you to bid on from rebuildingsociety, the P2P lending company that finances riskier loans to businesses.

C grade loan to spa centre

This spa, beauty and health centre wants to borrow £25,000 for five years. The loan is already fully funded, but you can under cut other bidders. The highest successful bid is currently 16% and the average is 14.85%.

Debt repayments can be met from existing profits of £40,000. The borrower will use the loan to replace machinery, undertake maintenance and carry out a marketing campaign.

The director was made bankrupt in 2010 and has since been discharged. The loan security is weak.

This loan auction closes at 9pm, 12 February.

C grade travel adventure company

This company has a tourist and outdoor adventure operation in Tasmania.

The company is looking for a £35,000 loan for five years. The average rate is currently 15.85% and the highest bid is 18%.

The company needs the loan to pay a tax bill due to an unforeseen fall in winter business as well as for expansion and marketing, including a new website.

The security is not considerable for this loan.

The loan auction closes at 9pm, 17 February.

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