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Funding Circle Secondary Market Update On COVID-19 9th April 2020

By Funding Circle.

Update on the secondary market

As part of our ongoing measures to protect investor returns, we have taken the decision to pause the secondary market while we continue to evaluate the potential impact of Covid-19.

This forms part of a number of measures introduced recently. Over the last few weeks, we have tightened our credit risk parameters for new loans. We have also strengthened our Collections and Recoveries capabilities, to support the businesses you are already lending to with maintaining their payments over the term of the loan.

As a regulated platform, we also want to ensure that loans bought and sold by investors on the secondary market are priced fairly. This means taking into account the wider economy and how it might impact small businesses.

The businesses you have lent to are good, creditworthy businesses and we expect returns to remain resilient over the coming period.

However, given the current environment we have decided to be prudent and pause all loan part sales on the secondary market. This does not affect your ability to access funds from the monthly repayments you receive from borrowers. If your lending is turned off you will typically receive 3-5% back of your outstanding portfolio every month.

Pausing the secondary market means you will no longer be able to sell your loan parts to other investors, or purchase existing loans from other investors. If you currently have an active sale request, no further loan parts will be sold, and your loan parts will be delisted over the next week.

As we have more clarity over the coming months, we hope to be in a position to resume the secondary market.

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