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£50 John Lewis Vouchers for Landbay Lenders

By Jane Rey on 8th December, 2014 | Read more by this author

Landbay, a buy-to-let property P2P lending company, is giving one £50 John Lewis voucher to lenders for every £2,000 lent between now and Friday 19th December, provided you commit to a loan or loans of 12 months or longer.

The Christmas offer is available to both new and existing customers and customers will receive their voucher within 28 days of committing their money to a loan or loans. The vouchers will be delivered to the address registered on Landbay only.

If the vouchers run out, Landbay would pay you £50 in cash instead.

If you request early access to your funds before 12 months has passed then Landbay could deduct £50 from your balance.

The offer is available to UK residents only.

About Landbay

Landbay is a property P2P lending company that automatically spreads your money across loans secured against properties in different regions. It has a bad-debt provision fund set aside to pay bad debts, although no reserve fund is a guarantee. The maximim loan-to-value of any property is 72% and the rent must cover the entire monthly interest payment plus 25%.

Sources: Landbay

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