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Which P2P Lending Providers Make It Easier To Deploy Your Money?

Recently we made a new effort to get even more data from the P2P lending providers to really get a full idea of how easy it is for lenders to get their money lent out at the moment. We wanted to know if we could establish how confident lenders could be that their money won't currently end up sitting idly in the P2P company's client bank account.

Unfortunately, what we learned is that it's surprisingly difficult for them to pull together the sort of data we need.

Since that data is not really available across enough P2P lending companies, I want to draw your attention to a few permanent features that, on average, will make it easier to deploy your cash. Alternatively, these features will at least prevent you depositing it with the providers, only to find lots of it sits around in their client bank account a long time, not being lent out.

Prefunding – so you can buy the loans right away

When a P2P lending company has lending partners that initially fund loans, they are then sold onto individual lenders through their online lending platforms.

This means that, when you put your money in, you know that it's not going to sit around in the client bank account, as the loans you've chosen are already waiting for you. When there are no loans available, you can do something else with your cash.

This is done by:

Assetz Exchange.


HNW Lending*.


Automatically receive interest and repayments back to your bank account

So that you have more options to deploy your cash again more quickly, you can opt for payments from the borrowers to come straight back to you, rather than sitting in various client bank accounts at the P2P lending providers.

You get this with:

ArchOver – loan and interest repaid to your bank account.

CapitalStackers* – choose to have either loan and interest, or interest-only, repaid direct to your account.

Crowd2Fund – choice of loan and interest, or interest-only.

LandlordInvest – interest only.

Loanpad* – choice of loan and interest, or interest-only.

SoMo – choice of loan and interest, or interest-only.

Earn as soon as you upload to a lending account

Loanpad* has you earning money as soon as you upload it to a lending account, which it enables with a strong supply of loans and its prefunding, mentioned earlier.

Earn as soon as you pledge in a loan

Kuflink* pays as soon as you pledge to lend, even if it takes weeks for the loan to be fully funded. This works a bit like prefunding, except you don't even need to transfer your money first.

Transfer your money at the last minute

Most of the time you need to transfer money before pledging to lend in a loan, and then the sale period for the loan can sometimes last weeks.

Some P2P lending companies allow you to send your money in either after the loan is fully sold or even just before the loan goes ahead to the borrower. This means you can at least keep your money in a savings account or doing something else until you can actually earn more from it:

CapitalStackers* – after auction is fully sold.

CrowdProperty – just before completion.

HNW Lending* – after auction is fully sold.

Sourced Capital – up to two weeks after an auction.

Low minimum lending amount to make quick re-lending more likely

It's all very well having auto-lend and re-lend options to make lending easier, but that doesn't guarantee you'll deploy all the money you want to.

A low lending limit on the other hand makes it much easier to ensure that more of your money is always working for you. You can more easily tweak and tailor the amount you lend to the volume of loans that are available to you, regardless of how little it might be at times. This means you can more easily deploy that cash elsewhere.

Not only that, when re-lending, you don't have to wait long for a large pile of interest or a big loan repayment to come in before you can lend it all again. You'll quickly have the minimum amount in your client account and that can get straight out on loan again.

I don't know what a “low” minimum lending amount means to you, but I'm going to list those up to a minimum of £250:

Crowd2Fund, 10p per loan.

Assetz Capital, £1 per loan.

Assetz Exchange, £1 per loan.

Loanpad*, £1, automatically spread across all outstanding loans.

Downing Crowd, £100 per loan.

Fund Ourselves, £100 per loan.

Invest & Fund*, £250 per loan (and £2,500 minimum deposit).

Kuflink*, £100 per loan.

LandlordInvest, £100 per loan.

Lendwise, £10 per loan.

Money&Co., £10 per loan (and £100 minimum deposit).

Sourced Capital, £250 per loan.

Buy second hand to lend faster

Many P2P lending companies have a secondary market where you can actually choose from loans shown to you in a list. See Where Can You Buy Or Sell Existing Loans? for a full list, but below I've just included the ones that have otherwise been mentioned above with other useful features for deploying your cash faster:

Assetz Capital.

Assetz Exchange.


Blend Network.




Fund Ourselves.

HNW Lending*.

Invest & Fund*.




It pays to keep your eyes on lots of them

Simply opening lots of accounts to see when new loans or second-hand loans come available, and signing up to the P2P lending companies newsletters, will ensure that you are among the lenders who deploy their cash with ease!

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