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Help Farmers Produce Food For The World & Earn 10.9% Annually

By Matthew Howard on 19th November, 2022 | Read more by this author

We don't get soooo much interest from 4thWay readers when we write about the social and environmental impacts of P2P lending.

Our focus is on the risks, rewards, growing your wealth, or earning an income from money lending. Understandably, that's what you're most interested in.

But I'm sure nevertheless that most of you are glad to know that money lending often does good – when you're already confident that the risks and rewards are mightily in your favour.

I'm encouraged by some recent emails from 4thWay readers about what one of my colleagues mentioned recently in the new Assetz Exchange Review. He wrote quite a few paragraphs on a lengthy assessment we conducted into charities who rent the borrowers' properties.

Getting good lending returns while doing something important

Now, another business that has impressed me in what it achieves for its borrowers is Lande.

Lande* was the first company outside of the UK to earn a 4thWay PLUS Rating last month. Lenders lend in euros, so it's not for everyone. But its 10.9% returns on very high-quality loans – typically secured on insured crops or farming equipment valued at two-and-a-half times the loan amount – makes it very attractive.

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Financial aspects aside, Lande's CEO once said: “In finance it’s hard to get something that can improve lives and you feel that you’re doing something important.”

We hear these sorts of moral and ethical stories a lot. All CEOs from all companies in all industries talk about the good they're doing. In this case, however, Lande is probably doing exactly what it says.

What role is Lande – and its lenders – serving?

It's not been easy for small farmers in many parts of Europe, as they haven't had the modern machinery to compete with western European farmers or very large farms.

Lande's loans are typically to help these farmers buy the equipment they need to get the high yields from their crops.

This in turn makes the land more efficient, without the need to spray more chemicals. For example, by using advanced equipment to plants seeds in such a way that it makes them more likely to sprout.

Helping Lande's farmers to produce more food doesn't just help feed a growing world population. It also does a little bit towards helping global food supply at this critical time, while doing its bit towards reducing prices.

The World Bank warns that every percentage point increase in food prices will push 10 million more people into extreme poverty.**

Food is essential at all times, but, clearly, at this time, it's particularly essential.

In case you're wondering, Lande has no farmer borrowers in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. While business' costs have risen a lot this year, the price of farmers' produce has risen substantially further, which more than negates the negative impact on these borrowers. Indeed, their food is needed more than ever.

I think it's easy to say “food is needed by all therefore helping businesses produce food must be good”. Things are never close to being that black-and-white.

But, in Lande's case, I think there's a strong argument that lenders are genuinely supporting a useful cause.

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**Joint statement from the World Bank Group, the IMF, the WFP and the WTO on food security projects 10 million more in extreme poverty for each one percentage point increase in food prices. Also, 81 countries benefiting from the World Food Programme could see an additional 47 million people suffering from acute hunger due to the food shortage.

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