HNW Investors: Harness Your Power For An Even Better Deal

P2P lending companies often want and need to fund loans through institutions or a collection of especially wealthy investors, who earn better rates and terms for the privilege.

That lending is over-and-above the usual lending through online lending platforms.

You can take a big part in this extracurricular lending yourself: get higher interest rates in the same loans and deploy more cash.

And that's all while providing a vital function in making online lending platforms work.

4thWay is well placed to help you to do this – and is already now doing so for investors in our wealthy community.

We have built a considerable level of trust within the P2P industry and with our investors. We are facilitating investors to earn more, deploy more, and at the same time we all help P2P lending companies to operate better for everyone.

It's not just about better interest rates

On top of getting higher interest rates, we will look to improve other aspects of your lending in ways that are unavailable to you when you lend through the online lending platforms. For example, we can lower risk at the same time as getting higher rates by getting guarantees that key loan standards won't be weakened.

Contact me and we'll bargain collectively for boosted returns

Now is a great time to bargain for a better deal with a collective of similarly sophisticated and wealthy investors, because there are a lot of very high quality borrowers in many platforms' pipelines right now, but simply nothing like enough investors.

Join other investors and I'll use my inside knowledge, my senior contacts and long-standing reputation to put together deals that work for everyone.

I'm by the phone most mornings if you want to call my direct line spontaneously. It's Neil Faulkner on 020 8144 3364 (direct).

Otherwise, email me on with your phone number, along with days and times that best suit you for me to call you.

One key point before you contact me

This is for wealthy people with cash to deploy in the region of six, seven or eight figures only, I'm afraid. Platforms want to deal with relatively few people for this.

Why do P2P lending companies need you for this?

Do you want to understand a bit more about why lending is not all on the same terms for everyone through the online lending platforms?

As you're no doubt aware, lending is typically online. Yet lending platforms can't always work smoothly for all borrowers and all investors when the platform is left entirely to function by itself.

It's risky – and sometimes goes wrong – when platforms rely solely on lots of small investors to always supply cash through the platform as soon as it is needed. Or when they rely on those same investors to maintain a balance with borrowers.

Buying and selling existing loans can also get very imbalanced within a pool of online lenders as well.

Therefore, P2P lending companies set up other funding facilities in parallel, to keep everything working.

You could be the provider of these facilities to e.g. prefund loans, provide additional funds when not enough investor cash is available through the online platforms, to help platforms lend more so as to reach a bigger and more sustainable profit level, or simply to prevent losing good future borrowers to disappointment, just because there's currently not enough funds available for them.

Get in touch and lets talk things through…

This unique opportunity offers enhanced profits for you and puts more of your cash to work, getting a better deal on the types of loans you already like.

Reach me, Neil Faulkner, most mornings, on 020 8144 3364 (direct) or arrange a call at your convenience by emailing

This service is in no shape or form advice about what to invest in. The decision to invest after any deals have been negotiated with platforms on our contact list is entirely yours, as the investor.

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