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About 4thWay’s Alt Ratings

Some P2P lending websites and IFISA providers provide enough information to be assessed for a calculated 4thWay PLUS Rating, but do not yet have enough of a history for us to run our calculations.

Yet the 4thWay PLUS Rating calculations are not the be all and end all of 4thWay's assessment. Some of these businesses otherwise show extremely attractive qualities and also appear likely to earn a full 4thWay PLUS Rating in future. These businesses are able to earn 4thWay ALT Ratings.

P2P lending websites and IFISA providers with 4thWay ALT Ratings tend to pay generous interest for the risks involved, since they have less history to prove themselves with. While they are still at this stage, it can therefore be a good time to lend to these businesses. You might consider throwing some of them into your mix of lending platforms that you lend through.

The three 4thWay ALT Ratings

It is possible for them to earn up to three 4thWay ALT Ratings:

  • High-Quality Secured Property Loans
  • Hidden Gem
  • Deal-Making Opportunities

High-Quality Secured Property Loans Rating

P2P lending sites with this rating typically offer many loans that are, on average, just half the property valuation, giving huge downside protection. They might also offer loans lending against properties that are receiving rent. In addition, the overall risk of loans turning bad at this platform is superior (lower) to comparable lending businesses.

Hidden Gem Rating

A Hidden Gem rating means, in the opinion of a 4thWay expert, it would earn the top 4thWay PLUS Rating if it had enough history needed to test it for one.

Deal-Making Opportunities Rating

This rating indicates that there is the possibility to make a lot of money on individual loans by trading them.

  • P2P sites with the Deal-Making Opportunities Rating appear to have a lot of loans with great characteristics.
  • These loans can be bought and sold after they have gone live through a secondary market.
  • In addition, the buyer and sell can agree a widely different amount for purchasing the loan than the original face value, which can effectively increase (or decrease) the interest earned for the new buyer.

The 4thWay® ALT Ratings are partly qualitative assessments – meaning that they are partly based on the opinion of specialists at 4thWay. The ratings are not guarantees that you will get good investment results. The 4thWay ALT Ratings will be improved on over time, although no rating system is perfect. Use them in conjunction with other research, such as reading more about the lending opportunities through 4thWay's reviews.

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