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Landbay Survives Severe Property Crash Stress Test

By Jane Rey on 18th December, 2014 | Read more by this author

Landbay* is the first peer-to-peer provider to focus exclusively on mortgages to the buy-to-let sector.

In a recent report  entitled “Democratising Mortgage Lending”, commissioned by Landbay and written by Wrigglesworth Consultancy, Wrigglesworth wrote:

“To illustrate the robustness of its portfolio of buy-to-let loans we have stress tested it under a range of scenarios. Under the severe scenario of the bank rate going to 5.75%, house prices falling by 23% and rent arrears reducing landlord rental income by 6%, the average loan-to-value (LTV) rises to 87% and income coverage falls to 104%. These are reassuring results that suggest that Landbay’s portfolio should withstand severe circumstances well.”

Landbay takes lots of precautions to protect your money, including:

  • Maximum LTV of 72%.
  • Spreading individual lenders' risk across loans in different regions of the country, so that not all your loans are in one area that might be hit by severe price falls.
  • Rent must cover the monthly mortgage cost plus 25% extra.
  • Landlords must have successful history.
  • Unusually in property mortgages, the borrower's other finances not related to the property in question are also checked out to see if they are financially sound.
  • Very tight requirements for borrowers who are thoroughly checked.
  • Borrowers and their properties are checked by a mortgage broker first, then Landbay and then by lawyers of a trust set up for Landbay lenders. If any of them find the slightest flaw or have the smallest doubt then Landbay will not lend your money.
  • A bad-debt provision fund of undisclosed size, but Landbay is currently adding 0.25% of loan balances to it.

Landbay* has not suffered any bad debts since it started matching loans earlier this year and it is forecasting just 0.05% bad debts on loans issued in 2014.

During the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, buy-to-let mortgages suffered just 0.35% repossessions, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

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