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Invest in rebuildingsociety Through a P2P Pension

By Jane Rey on 12th January, 2015 | Read more by this author

While eyes have been focused on the upcoming P2P ISAs (tax-free lending), individuals lending through peer-to-peer have been able to lend tax-free in pensions for six months already.

The latest peer-to-peer lending company to allow lenders to lend through a pension is rebuildingsociety.

The higher-risk, higher-potential return business-lending platform is now another P2P lending company that has partnered with SIPPclub.

Through SIPPclub, high-net worth lenders or those classed as “sophisticated” investors are allowed to lend through the EvolutionSIPP. That's a pension product that lets you personally select a greater range of investments than normal.

All investments made through a SIPP are free of tax. Since interest earned in peer-to-peer lending is usually taxed at your own income tax rate, this can bring big advantages.

The other peer-to-peer lending websites that you can lend in through the EvolutionSIPP are Assetz Capital, Capital Stackers, Proplend and ThinCats.

Nick Moules, marketing & communications manager at, said: “When ISA lending become possible in the future, it's likely there will still be greater scope for lending pension money on peer-to-peer platforms, for pension contribution limits are much higher.”

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