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Infographic: What Is P2P Lending And 4thWay?

Online lending (often called “peer-to-peer lending”, “marketplace lending” or “social lending”) is about people or businesses borrowing and lending directly with each other, cutting out the banks. Investors get a good return on lending, and borrowers get better repayment terms.

It is online lending platforms that bring the lenders and borrowers together:

What Is Online Lending (for Investors)


For lenders, the risks are usually lower and the returns far steadier than the stock market, while the interest you earn is far higher than savings accounts:

Risks vs Rewards


4thWay® helps lenders make confident lending decisions: while lending platforms check out the borrowers, 4thWay® checks up on the platforms. We see if they have the needed skills, policies and results, and then explain this simply to lenders:


What is 4thWay


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