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4thWay’s 8 Top IFISA Picks

Neil Faulkner, 4thWay's co-founder and Head of Research, has picked his top eight IFISA picks, based on his assessment of the risks and rewards.

They include:

  • Five selections that are easy to use and are good for both entry-level and expert-level investors.
  • Five selections that are lending to borrowers that have real property (real estate) security.
  • Three selections where the loans are backed by property valuations that are at least twice as high as the total lent to the borrower.
  • Typical interest rates ranging from 4% to 9% – although up to 15% on some individual loans.
  • Six selections where you can spread your money across a substantial number of loans for £100 or less.
  • One higher-rate IFISA exclusively for sophisticated and wealthy investors.

“This tells us that, to lower risks further, you could lend at the start of the first loan to a borrower against a specific property (i.e. not in later tranches of the same loan), and try to sell your loan parts 12 months or so later.”

One of many strategy tips about an IFISA selection that you'll find in 4thWay’s Top 8 P2P IFISA Picks

Download the PDF: 4thWay’s Top 8 P2P IFISA Picks.


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