Funding Circle response to “I lost money investing in Property Loans with Funding Circle”

Hi Peter

Thank you for posting a review.

I appreciate that it is concerning to see losses occur on your account, however, credit defaults are intrinsic to any form of lending, especially when lending to small and medium businesses and just to clarify, as we are a risk based platform we can never guarantee returns, but solely project.

Bad debts will be higher to start with and as recoveries come in, this will reflect the bad debt rates for these specific years. For your convenience, I have attached the link to an update from our Chief Risk Officer should you wish further details. regards to recoveries, they are on a case by case basis and are completely dependent on the circumstance of the individual defaulted loan. The recovery process is often a lengthy process. The forecasted recovery rate from bad debt over a 5 year period is 30p/£. In a lot of the cases it can take months to get payment plans set up or if there are legal on-goings, then this can also increase the time taken to receive recoveries

We think it would be useful if you get in touch with our investor support team, who will be able to look into your account and provide more in-depth detail on your account.

If you would like to talk to our investor support team about any of the points you have raised please give us a call on 0800 048 2467 or send an email to

The Funding Circle team.

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