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P2P Lending: Answers To Your Emailed Questions

By Jane Rey on 28th October, 2016 | Read more by this author

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Question from David, 4thWay user

Wanting to know if I can open an ISA that will allow me to invest in multiple p2p sites to reduce risk or do I have to choose just one lender ?

4thWay's reply to David

Hi David

There are no such ISAs available yet, but we are talking to three new businesses that are in the process of setting such ISAs up. At least two of those new ISA providers are in advanced talks with many major P2P platforms and it looks like they will successfully arrange deals to include them.

One of those two ISA providers appears to be particularly advanced in the background ready for launch technologically and in terms of getting regulatory approval. I'm afraid I can't tell you their names yet as we have been told in confidence, but we shall let 4thWay users know as soon as these services launch. It might help if you subscribe to our newsletter 🙂

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