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Which P2P Lending Site Offers Very Personal Service?

By Jane Rey on 28th February, 2017 | Read more by this author

Peer-to-peer lending sites put loads of time into offering great service to borrowers, but what about service for lenders?

Some provide emails that are automatically tailored to what you want or they answer your brief written questions online.

But, as far as I know, just one P2P lending site goes way beyond all the rest to personalise the service for lenders, because you have a direct and open telephone line with CEO and co-founder Ben Shaw. Reassuringly for me, he strongly encourages you to call him. Indeed, he wants you to!

How can Shaw offer you his own time to chat? The main reason is that lending through P2P site HNW Lending* is a very exclusive club with an expensive ticket price: the absolute minimum you're allowed to lend in any individual loan is £10,000!

A very personal service

Shaw sent one 4thWay user the following email recently:

“Below I list the loans currently available. I'd be happy to have a chat with you to explain the due diligence we do, the amount the Directors (such as myself) co-invest etc. I'd also be happy to send you more information about any loan, such as the valuation, report on title, title deeds etc.”

One of our experts told me that, if you talk to Shaw about loans, he tells you useful extra information, such as about the fleet of cars that wealthy borrower has lying around (which could also potentially be sold to recover a loan if it goes bad).

“HNW” stands for “high net worth”, which to you and me means rich or at least wealthy, as all HNW Lending borrowers are.

Typically, they might be borrowing because they just want to make a big purchase now and don't want to wait for their next few pay cheques to come in, and yet they also don't want to sell any property they have already got to make that purchase.

My biggest beef with HNW Lending

HNW Lending's website is not at all pretty, which seems unprofessional. Actually it's apparently 4thWay's fault. An HNW Lending representative told us that they only really made any effort at all with the website because someone at 4thWay asked for it. Now that is service!

Their preferred method of communication is over the phone, direct with the CEO. However, while it's not a particularly attractive site, it is easy to see the list of both available and completed loans, so that you can get an overview. You can also lend through the internet if you prefer not to use the phone.

What are HNW Lending's loans like?

Secured lending and loan-to-valueAll loans are secured, which means that HNW Lending can easily repossess property and sell it to repay bad debts.

The remarkable thing about HNW Lending, as with other sites like FundingSecure, is that it pays excellent interest rates even though the security is fantastic.

What loans are available now?

When I checked three days ago, one of the 11 loans available was for a maximum of 30% LTV (please see info box, right) while paying 7%.

Another loan was for a maximum of 43% paying 7% too. Yet another was just 14% paying 6.5%.

You can get loans like that for up to 9% or 10% interest.

Background info on HNW Lending

So far, since 2014 and £20 million in loans, no loans have gone bad. It is easy to see why.

Shaw's business recently got full authorisation from the financial regulator, way ahead of most other P2P lending sites.

If you've got tens of thousands under your sofa and want to be part of an exclusive club, you might take a look at HNW Lending*.

Visit HNW Lending* or read The 3 Top Property P2P Lending Sites To Lend In Now.

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