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Brief Update On Lande

We've had to temporarily take Lande's 4thWay PLUS Rating down.

Unfortunately, due to illness, Lande's not been able to provide us with the data we need to keep assessing it on anything like the regular basis that we require.

I've been informed that Lande will be unable to supply the data until the sick leave situation improves.

With the last data submission now substantially out-of-date, we can no longer have confidence in the accuracy of any 4thWay PLUS Rating assessment we conduct, as the latest data is at the core of it.

We are unable at present to materially assess this P2P lending provider, especially from a risk-reward perspective.

Please join me in wishing a speedy recovery from illness and I hope I'll be able to give you positive news on health and Lande's 4thWay PLUS Rating in the near future.

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