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Best Alternative To Funding Circle

The fact of the matter is that Funding Circle is absolutely the stand-out leader in unsecured business lending:

  • It has a very long and large history to assess its record: £2 billion in loans since 2010. No-one else comes close.
  • Its performance has been highly admirable and our severe stress tests
  • Its interest rates are fair to great for the risks involved.
  • 4thWay's review of its key people and processes also shows it is a top-notch lending operation.

About the 4thWay PLUS RatingsIt is because of the top three points in that list that Funding Circle is the only unsecured business loans P2P lending site that has earned 4thWay PLUS Ratings (see info box, right), which it has done on all of its products (A+ loans right down to E-grade loans.)

To cap it off, it could be profitable if it chose to stop expanding. Most P2P lending sites are still loss-making.

Which P2P lending sites can compete with the big “FC”?

We don't think any unsecured business P2P lenders are in the same league, but I think the closest competition, if you're looking for more variety in your unsecured business lending, is LendingCrowd*.

LendingCrowd has a great record from its 150 or so loans and we really like what we see, but it is just so much smaller and newer than Funding Circle. It does offer an IFISA though, while Funding Circle still doesn't.

One of our experts did a LendingCrowd Quick Expert Review here, so please check it out!

I think that all other P2P lending sites doing unsecured business lending that provide any kind of information about how they work, such as Rebuildingsociety* and FundingKnight, simply aren't of the same standard, or they work very differently, such as Crowd2Fund* or Money&Co.

Visit LendingCrowd* or Funding Circle.

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