Please Do This If You Want To Keep Seeing 4thWay’s Research

The reason the P2P lending industry is so good is that investors take the largest slice of the cake. Borrowers also do very well.

The platforms take the smallest slice of the benefits, perhaps 1/8th of the investment returns (although it varies). So it's kind of a reverse of what banks do, when they pay savers a pittance and earn lots of money off their savings.

At present, when it comes to 4thWay's research for individual investors, 4thWay gets a small slice from the platforms' small slice. We're probably talking something like 1/30th of 1/8th of the investment returns.

4thWay has various other products and services, but our hearts are in what we do for individuals through our research and ratings on the website. We know – and you know – that we have been highly successful in helping lenders make excellent decisions and to feel confident while doing so.

For a long time, our hearts have overruled our heads when it comes to sustaining this often loss-making website. Even as a so-called “loss leader” (meaning it gets us attention to sell other services to other people) it doesn't pull its weight. The time, skill and cost required is simply too substantial.

After nine hard, hard years trying with the website, I've come to accept that this can no longer go on.

To continue, we'll need to start charging a sufficient amount to investors for access to the bulk of our most important research and our newsletter, in order to cover our costs.

I'm not asking you for any money now, but, if you like 4thWay research, ratings and content, please help us anonymously with three quick clicks of your mouse:

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