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  • Yes GSB, things certainly seem to be getting worse at FC with projected sale times now well over 100 Days! Yet FC are still advertising loans on Sky TV so I am guessing they are still getting lots of institutional investors or maybe some private inv…
  • From your description I would let the FCA know what is going on at Funding Secure. I am assuming they are regulated by the FCA seeing as they have an IFISA licence. As the professional official body overseeing such things I am sure they would listen…
  • @blahblah said: Hello - is the consensus that they are one to avoid then? FC are probably safe enough [for now] but I personally could not recommend them, especially when there are other great platforms out there like Lendingworks and Rat…
  • I would never have 'All my capital' in any one P2P organisation, especially not one of the smaller ones. You really need to diversify more.
  • I have always kept a detailed spreadsheet of every P2P investment. It is useful because the projected rates on pretty much all the platforms cannot be trusted 100%, and most talk of overall long historical successes over a long period rather than in…