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Zopa ISA transfer out - problems, expense and delays

Six weeks+ into a transfer out of a Zopa ISA and perhaps somewhat predictably, it is not going well. I expected some expense with this procedure, and delays too; but not the magnitude that I am experiencing. It has take well over six weeks to sell circa 80% of the loans in the ISA and the last 20% seems to be taking an age...are Zopa 'managing' this? - not at all happy at how long they seem to 'sit' on lenders funds. Pretty sure the FCA have guidelines for both duration, and cost in the ISA circumstances and I will be looking into that. I am extremely experienced with all the P2P platforms dating back to it's early fruition in the UK. Add to the delays, the approximate 2% cost of this (to date TBC) and for me it is flagging up Zopa as a platform with ongoing issues.

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