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Zopa and RateSetter lending/withdrawal times

Hi all

Can anyone tell me what they're experiencing at Zopa and RateSetter at the moment in terms of how long it takes you to get your money lent or how quickly you're able to sell loans and withdraw money?



  • Anyone? It would be good to get your recent experiences; I'm unable to get through to the appropriate person at Zopa today for an update.

  • I've lent and withdrawn from both recently and don't recall any trouble.

  • Lately, since they changed their whole model to Access, Plus and Max, it's been taking around a week to get my loan offers matched on RateSetter in the Max market. I can't comment on how long it takes to sell loans or Zopa recently. I last sold loans on Zopa about 8 months ago and it took several weeks.

  • Ratesetter are superb, hardly any delays, Zopa not so good but still acceptable other than ISA transfers which are slow and expensive with Zopa.

  • Will second the approval for RateSetter, although rates are now considerably lower

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